Maximizing Paid Advertisement with Reviews and UGC

Yotpo, Adore Me and Pura Vida Bracelets give you actionable insights on paid advertisement

The Power of UGC

User-generated content, like reviews, is an essential tool in any business’s marketing arsenal. With Yotpo, you can generate a ton of reviews and turn them into conversion-boosting marketing.


In this webinar:
  • Generating customer content
  • Reaching new customers via SEO
  • Engaging on social networks
  • Creating successful Facebook Ads
  • Tips and tricks

How Yotpo Works

1. Collect Content Vector Smart Object (1)

With Yotpo, it’s easy to collect customer photos, reviews, Q&A, and more. Mobile-first requests let your customers submit any type of content, from any device.

2. Boost Conversion Vector Smart Object copy 9

Display this content on site and off to improve SEO, drive traffic to your site, build shopper trust, and see an instant uplift in conversion.

3. Gain Insights

Measure the value of your user-generated content and make data-driven decisions using our dashboards and analytics.

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Yotpo is a game-changing reviews and marketing solution for eCommerce disrupting how businesses generate and use feedback. We help stores generate reviews, acquire traffic and increase conversions.

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