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    I have been using the Zenmed's Rosacea serum/cream product. It DOES WORK! It is more of a cream than a serum, and doesn't smell great but it works. (As a note, I put another face cream on top to have a nicer end smell). I have only used it for 2 weeks, and have maintain a normal skin complexion. I recently had to stop using MetroGel 1% ... and did see a pimple start and some ruddiness, but as soon as I got the ZenMed serum, it seem to keep my skin in control. PLEASE NOTE METROGEL USERS - MetroGel is DANGEROUS product -- as they warn on the homepage of their website: Avoid contact of METROGEL 1% with the eyes as it may cause tearing (I couldn't read without reading glasses as my eyes were always tearing .. and I have 20/20 eye sight). METROGEL 1% treatment should be discontinued if numbness or paresthesia of any extremity should occur (I have developed acute paresthesia in my toes... and I am prying that after stopping use of MetroGel it will go away!). ZenMed claims to be natural, so I think its safer for the body and bloodstream.

    • Oct 05, 2013 20:06
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