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    Skin Support System Dry Skin

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    I have a big patch of redness on my nose from Rosacea and that is why I am trying your product. So far, I have used the product for less than a week and have not noticed a diminishing of the redness but I am sure it will take a bit more time. I am hopeful that my nose will go back to being redness free and I will be able to stop using a concealer. If you have any other suggestions I am all ears. I have given up caffeine, wear a 50 sun block all year long, drink plenty of water and eat well. I also sleep 8 to 10 hours a night. The rosasea came about while we were travelling for a year and I think it was the stress of travelling for such a long time and the excess of wine that caused the outbreak. I now share a bottle of red wine with my husband each night and I know this may be a contributing factor but would hate to give up my red wine. Check in with me in a month and I hope to report good results.

    • Oct 05, 2013 21:21
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