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Kristy S.


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    Rosacea Treatment - kind of?

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    I purchased this system as it was rated very high as a successful rosacea treatment - more so than even some prescription products. Well, I have pretty severe rosacea and it is pretty good but not a cure all for rosacea. I CAN say my skin has certainly improved but it has not really 'cleared up' the rosacea. Overall my skin feels better, the blemishes and tenderness have been reduced. However, I still have break through blemishes daily and a lot of redness. I will probably continue using this product since it has somewhat reduced my symptoms, but will remain open to trying anything that will keep this at bay- I have had severe rosacea for so long with nothing successfully treating it that I am just tired of spending money trying things that 'kind of' work...Maybe my expectations were just a little too high?

    • Nov 08, 2013 04:23
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