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Cheryl S.


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    My husband has a very stubborn case of Rosacia on his nose. The Rx cream from the dermatologist just made his nose itchy and scaly and never really stopped the redness. The doxycycline also prescribed did reduce the redness and bumps but made his LDL particles soar into scary 4 digits - not what a person with heart disease wants. We needed to find an alternative. We even tried acupuncture. Then I came across some reviews for ZenMed. I ordered him the whole package and by the end of the first week the redness was disappearing as well as the bumps. It's now been almost 3 weeks, and even though he was exposed to the sun without his hat or sunblock, the ZenMed protected the nose enough that it didn't get very effected. ZenMed works on this most stubborn of cases!

    • Mar 18, 2014 14:19
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