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    Skin Support System

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    I have not been diagnosed with rosacea but so many people have said that's what it looks like that, after reading about it, it seems to be the case. I'm 54 years old and began having skin problems about 4-5 years ago. The redness, bumps, and dry patches seemed to worsen around the time of my period (yes, no menopause yet). A couple of months ago, I went online and found Zenmed, and ordered the Skin Support System. I saw a marked improvement within the first couple of weeks, and with continued use my skin has looked better than it ever has since this problem started. I recently ordered just another Support Serum, as the Anti-Redness Mask & Cleansing Cream are about halfway full still. I like all the products and they do seem to help immensely, although it hasn't completely resolved the problem. This past week I had the worst pre-menstrual skin flare-up since I started using Zenmed, but it's quieted down as the days go by. I'll continue to use the remainder of this product and see how it goes. I also appreciate that the active ingredients are natural ones that I can actually recognize when I read the label.

    • Dec 22, 2013 14:14
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