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Target micro-influencers on Instagram

83% of shoppers check out brands their friends recommend

It’s basic human nature: If you want to bring more people to your party, invite the popular kids. Similarly, on Instagram, if you want to generate tons of attention, get influencers to post about your product.

But the tactic is so overdone at this point that many shoppers don’t trust influencer endorsements. That’s where micro-influencers come in.


When you’re choosing influencers, think outside the standard box. Some of the most success doesn’t come from the biggest names, but niche influencers like photographers and models.

These influencers’ may not have as big of a reach, but they do have a highly engaged base of followers. Micro-influencers invest heavily in their community, which is why when they post about a product or brand they love, people listen.

83% of customers say seeing someone in their network post about a brand influences the chances they’ll check it out.

A few tips for doing influencer marketing correctly:

  • Follow up and be direct. Rather than emailing them something like “Could you maybe post about our product when you have some time?”, confidently sell your offer and make sure they follow through with their side of the agreement.
  • A/B test email templates. A/B test your outreach just like you would paid ads. Word-of-mouth marketing has huge ROI potential, so treat each email like it’s got a big dollar value on it.
  • Look at who your top fans follow. You may be surprised by influencers you’ve never even heard of before.


Real Example

Pura Vida Bracelets have been forging powerful influencer relationships for years, and they often look to niche influencers to endorse their products. Co-founders Paul Goodman and Griffin Thall have advised that it’s important to allow influeners to choose which products they want to try out and show off so that their responses are still authentic and resonant.

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