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Optimize your product Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets increase CTR by 30% on average

Make sure your star ratings show up in Google search results by optimizing your Rich Snippets.

    Rich Snippets appear in Google results alongside your product listing. They can include useful information, like star ratings, positive reviews and price. This extra content makes your listing stand out and can increase CTR by up to 30%.

    Because potential customers can see more detail about products before clicking, they click on the most relevant results for them. This means the ones who do click are highly relevant and less likely to bounce once they reach your site.

    Some optimization tips to get the best results with Rich Snippets:

    • Make sure your sitemap is updated with all of your product pages so Google can crawl and index your site
    • When including price, make sure you put in just the number – no currency signs – to avoid confusing Google
    • Make sure your description shows a minimum of 50 words and double check to be sure that the description is relevant to the product page


    Real Example

    Beanilla became the #1 vanilla coffee bean site in the world by collecting and leveraging user-generated content to improve SEO and stand out in search engine results. “Once we started using Yotpo, I got the second result on Google for the search term ‘Vanilla Beans.’ Plus, Rich Snippets meant my click-through-rates went through the roof,”  says Beanilla founder Rob Conley.

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