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Offer customers loyalty points for social shares

Traffic coming from reviews on Facebook has a 40% higher CVR

Social traffic coming from posts containing customer content is super valuable. A Shopify study found that Facebook traffic has an average conversion rate of 1.85%, Twitter traffic’s average CVR is 0.77%, and LinkedIn’s is 0.47%. However, when that traffic is coming from posts with reviews, conversion rates soar.

Yotpo data found that for traffic coming from reviews shared to social, the conversion rate is an average of:

How can you make the most of this boost in CVR? Incentivize your customers to share their reviews of your products on social by offering loyalty points as a reward. The easier it is to share the more likely your customers will do it, so make sure you include a “share” button at the end of your review request process.

You can even take your strategy to the next level by offering loyalty points to customers who share and like your brand on social media as well. Yotpo’s integration with Smile.io allows online businesses to do all of this, creating a powerful combination of rewards programs and user-generated content.

Real Example

Lauren James works with Smile.io and Yotpo to offer their customers rewards for reviews, social shares, and likes. In doing this, they’re able to demonstrate their commitment to the complete customer experience. Not only does this keep past buyers engaged long after their content has been created and shared, but it also makes them more likely to return and shop for more.

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