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Launch seasonal UGC campaigns on social

Get 23x more retweets by asking followers to share

Holidays are a great time to inspire your fans to get creative with UGC. A strong seasonal social media campaign focused on the holiday spirit can produce some of the most powerful user-generated photos and videos.

Tips for strong seasonal campaigns:

  • Focus on holidays that suit your brand and audience. If you sell grills, think Fourth of July rather than Halloween.
  • Recruit microinfluencers to lead by example in your campaign. You don’t always need a big name to launch your campaign – in many cases, it’s the smaller names that will give you the most lift with your target audience.
  • Ask directly for people to share. On Twitter, for example, tweets are 23x more likely to be shared if they feature the word “retweet” spelled out!


Real Example

MeUndies ran a campaign for LGBTQ pride month in which they asked fans to post photos in their favorite intimates with the tags #MeUndies and #Pride. They timed the campaign with the release of pride-themed undies, and they donated $1 to the LA LGBT Center for every sale of the design.

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