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It’s essential to make recommendations and introduce new products at the right time in the buyer journey. Shoppers are most engaged after a purchase, and they’re on the lookout for what’s next.

Best Practice: Send personalized recommendations based on past purchases.

Once a customer has already made a purchase, recommend the products frequently bought together to increase average order value.

Best Practice: Provide an incentive or a reward for adding another item to cart.

Maximize lifetime value by engaging your customers with hyper-personalized recommendations at the right time using two-way conversations.

Best Practice: Ask questions and engage in conversation to make the most impactful recommendation for each shopper.

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Why does it work?

A product cross-sell can increase lifetime value by maximizing every purchase shoppers make by recommending additional products relevant to them. Encourage one-time shoppers to develop into repeat, higher-value customers.

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returning customers spend more than one-time shoppers, proving the impact of customer loyalty

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