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Last updated on December 8, 2020

Lindsay MacDonald
Content Manager @ Yotpo
March 16th, 2020 | 4 minutes read

It’s easier than ever to collect video content from your customers via post-purchase review request emails.

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Video is the #1 form of media used in successful content strategies. Consumer attention spans only continue to shrink, and shoppers are increasingly seeking out video content — 4x as many customers prefer to watch a video about a product they’re interested in purchasing

As brands are looking to make more authentic connections with their communities, they’re investing in their customers’ videos to bridge the online-offline gap and drive trust. Now, it’s easier than ever to collect engaging video content from your customers via post-purchase review request emails.

Let your customers be your best content creators

By showcasing videos in reviews, shoppers can more easily visualize your product in real life, facilitating quicker purchases, building more authentic brand connections, and driving conversion. Collect the video content that customers create by sending review request emails after a consumer has made a purchase, then moderate and publish your favorite videos across your website and other marketing channels.

From product reviews and testimonials to unboxings and recommendations, videos are a compelling way for brands to bring their products to life for new shoppers. Moreover, brands can — and should — leverage videos in different ways to best engage their specific audiences. 

Here are three customers who put video reviews to work for them.

1. Angara uses videos to show off their products

For jewelry brand Angara, video reviews demonstrate the elegance of their rings from all angles

“Videos and pictures are the most effective ways to capture the sheer beauty of a gemstone, and videos taken by our customers are especially impactful for new shoppers,” says Ankit Maheshwari, VP Marketing at Angara. “This powerful, trust-building social proof is immensely valuable to”

Now, Angara generates significantly more video reviews by offering 5% cashback for shoppers who post a video review — leveraging incentives to collect more beautiful, high-converting content.

2. Love Wellness uses videos to build consumer trust in their brand

When it comes to wellness, consumers are hyper-aware of the products they choose. Selecting the right vitamins and supplements to put into your body requires explicit trust, and videos from real customers provide that reliable social proof. Women’s personal care brand, Love Wellness, leverages videos in reviews to drive product fidelity and consumer trust.

“Our customers sit at the core of Love Wellness — they are the face and voice of the brand. Yotpo’s video review feature has allowed us to capture customer reviews (we call them Love Stories!) in a really unique, authentic way,” said Lo Bosworth, Founder & CEO of Love Wellness. “In the course of a month, we’ve had over 20 video reviews submitted, some of which have resonated with us so well that we’re turning them into ads.”

It’s second nature for consumers to share videos on their social channels about the products they love — brands simply need to ask for it. Bosworth reached out directly to followers via the brand’s Instagram story encouraging even more customers to leave videos reviews of their experiences with the products. “It’s our mission to give women support and a space to learn and share their experiences, and video reviews have really complemented our vision.”

3. GetFPV uses videos to show how their product rises above the competition

For drone brand GetFPV, videos in reviews are a great way to actually see the product in action

GetFPV features customers’ videos of actual footage taken from their drones in their reviews, giving shoppers an inside look — and sparking inspiration —  into the types of videos they can create with the drones they purchase. For GetFPV, videos in reviews engage their passionate community and highlight the brand as a forward-thinking leader in the space.

How can I enable Videos in Reviews?

Head over to the Visual Reviews page in your Settings dashboard to toggle the ability to show and collect both photos and videos in reviews.

For more information, check out our support article, or talk to your Customer Success Manager.