Pura Vida Bracelets achieves a 4X ROI with Yotpo

The handmade bracelet line generates thousands of additional sales from in-mail upsells and coupons. With over 32,000 reviews and 28% of returning customers, Pura Vida is able to support over 80 artisans in Costa Rica by continuing to grow their business with user generated content.

Video Transcription

Customer content marketing and user generated content, these are the next generation of the growth of brands and the trust of brands and I think Yotpo has done an amazing job with that. Pura Vida Bracelets is a hand-made bracelet line that helps support over 80 Costa Rican artisans. We have helped take 80 people out of poverty and provide them a full time jobs. They still hand-make all the bracelets and then we distribute them to different retail stores and also sell them on our website.
In three years, we went from a couple of hundred orders a month to over 20,000 orders a month. I think as we started to grow we realized that we needed to outsource some of our technology and our shipping and our customer service to people that were experts in that field and that’s when we came across Yotpo.

Yotpo is our customer content marketing platform and we heavily rely on Yotpo for our customers to voice their opinion on our website. We sell thousands of bracelets each day on our website and each customer gets sent an e-mail with a quick review and when the customers write the review in the e-mail, it’s really easy for them to just reply back and once they do that, you know, it goes on to our website. And the more reviews we have, the bigger influence that has on people’s buying decisions. In the Mail After Purchase e-mails from Yotpo, we use the related products as a way to show our customers a couple of the best-sellers just because we know that these e-mails have a really high open rate. From the Yotpo e-mails, we have generated about 8,800 orders that are on top of these initial purchases that we were not able to make before. I found a lot of success when we added on the coupons inside the Yotpo Mail After Purchase feature. It allowed customers to come back again and purchase from us more than once and including a coupon was an extra incentive for people to go check out what’s new, use the coupon, write a review and created this whole little ecosystem that we never had before. So, we have had thousands of these coupons convert to new sales. They have generated about 5,700 orders and about $75,000 in revenue just by adding a little coupon in every post purchase e-mail. 28% of our sales are from returning customers and because of Yotpo, we have increased the lifetime value of our customer. Every order that we get on the site, one in four is basically buying again.

Other ways that we found Yotpo to be successful is when someone reviews a product, it syncs it to Google. So, if someone types in the direct product name or something about our brand and it pulls out that product’s URL then a positive review from a customer will come up with that search listing and that wouldn’t happen before. By having the Rich Snippets and the Seller Ratings, new customers see that and they feel a lot more confidence going into our site than if it was just, you know, a standard Google search.

Through Yotpo, we have over 32,000 reviews on our website which helps both the trust and the brand loyalty from our customers. Based on the sales that Yotpo brings in from the coupons collected and the click-through rates from the e-mails and basing that off of how much we pay for the services, it’s been well over a four times ROI on our investment. Adding Yotpo to our brand has been the best success.

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