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Yotpo makes it easy to generate customer reviews, photos, Q&A and more,

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  • Collect & Curate
    User-generated Content

    Yotpo generates 9x more customer content than any other solution. Reviews, photos, Q&A and so much more: All of your user-generated content on one platform.

    Increase Trust to
    Boost Conversion

    Shoppers trust past customers – not brand advertising. Use social proof on site and off to drive sales.

    Get Highly Qualified
    Organic & Paid Traffic

    Our partnerships with Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ensure you rank higher in search results, drive qualified and engaged social traffic, and get better results from paid ads.

    Easy integration with the apps and services you already use

    Yotpo + Google
    Our exclusive Google partnership lets merchants leverage user generated content in paid and organic Google search results.
    Yopto + Facebook
    Our official Facebook Marketing Partnership allows Yotpo users to increase marketing effectiveness through the Facebook ecosystem.
    Yopto + Instagram
    Connect your Instagram account with Yotpo and leverage customer photos in various distribution channels.
    Yotpo + HubSpot
    The HubSpot partnership enables merchants to have smarter campaigns based on customer sentiment.
    Yopto + Shopify
    With Yotpo’s Shopify Integration, merchants can generate reviews, photos and Q&A, and use them to drive quality traffic and increase sales.
    Yopto + Magento
    Yotpo and Magento have been close partners for the last few years. we’re constantly optimizing and updating for the latest Magento versions.
    Yopto + WooCommerce
    Yotpo’s WooCommerce review plugin helps stores generate customer reviews, photos and Q&A, in order to boost traffic and sales.
    Yopto + Pinterest
    Push authentic customer photos to your Pinterest boards to drive high-intent traffic back to your site.
    Yopto + Twitter
    Our partnership with Twitter lets Yotpo clients integrate user-generated content throughout Twitter feeds.
    Yopto + Demandware
    Demandware provides a cloud-based eCommerce platform and related services for retailers and brand manufacturers around the world.
    Yopto + Zendesk
    Zendesk is a web-based customer service software used by over 20,000 companies worldwide.
    Yopto + BigCommerce
    BigCommerce stores use Yotpo to generate reviews, photos and Q&A, and use them to drive traffic, increase conversion rate & boost sales.
    Campus Protein Increased Checkouts by 29% Using Customer Photos.
    - Russell Saks, CEO of Campus Protein
    Rob Conley
    Since I started using Yotpo, I rose to the second position in Google search results.
    - Rob Conley, Founder & CEO of Beanilla
    We now have over 5,000 five-star reviews and our shoppers can get a ton of information quickly.
    - Jake Kassan, CEO of MVMT Watches
    I didn’t think the ROI on our Facebook ads could get any better, but it did! Using Yotpo Ads for Facebook is no brainer.
    - Griffin Thall, CEO of Pura Vida Bracelets


    What is Yotpo?

    Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform that makes it super easy to collect & curate content from your customers and leverage it to increase sales, traffic, and customer retention.

    Who else is using Yotpo?

    Over 200,000 online businesses, including GoPro, Sears and Staples leverage customer content to drive sales and traffic. Also emerging companies such as BeardBrand, MVMT, Pura Vida, Leesa and many more, have grown their stores with Yotpo.

    How can I get started?

    Click here to get a free marketing consultation and we’ll show you how Yotpo can improve your ROI and boost traffic and sales.

    Why should I use Yotpo?

    If you are looking to increase your on-site conversion rate, improve your search rankings, get more traffic to your site or simply collect tons of reviews, photos and Q&A from your customers, Yotpo is for you.

    How much does it cost?

    Contact us for a custom quote based on your online business’ needs. Our premium packages start at $699/mo.

    How can I learn more?

    Discover how Yotpo helped transform MVMT, BeardBrand, GoPro and more on our resources page, or visit our blog to learn how to grow your revenue with user-generated content.

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