Brands with solid product lines that get people hooked are confident that once someone buys, they’ll stick around. They generally have high LTV and want to focus on getting people through the door. To do that, they need to give a little extra push to customers who are teetering on the edge of a purchase decision.


Apparel & Accessories
Brand Characteristics:
Wide product range, challenge is to convince buyers of proof of concept
Program Goals:
Lower customer acquisition costs and increase conversion rates by lowering the barrier to entry for first purchases

Best Practices

  • Make the first purchase more transactional to lower the barrier to entry
  • Focus on the relationship with a customer post-purchase (once they've taken a bet on your product, follow up to encourage additional purchases and reduce time to second purchase)
  • Convince buyers to try the product using social proof

Brand Spotlight: UNTUCKit

UNTUCKit is a rapidly growing apparel brand that has reached over $100 million in annual revenue since their founding in 2010. The majority of their growth has been through their Shopify storefront and they have recently expanded into physical retail locations. UNTUCKit’s referral program is designed to help them lower customer acquisition costs and increase conversion rates.

Similar to MVMT, UNTUCKit uses a “Give X, Get X” structure. Their “Give $25, Get $25” referral program can be shared using email, Facebook, and Twitter. Their highly customized referral landing page allows customers to engage with their program without disrupting the site’s UX.


Economically, give $25 get $25 means customers pay $50 dollars for each successful referral when a shirt costs about $90. Because of current customer LTV, and high CACs in apparel, UNTUCKit can afford to invest $50 in an individual purchase for long-term returns.

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