Yotpo + Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is an eCommerce app that allows online stores to create and maintain a customer loyalty program.

About LoyaltyLion

About Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth has been creating loyalty programs for over 5 years and has launched over 10,000 successful programs. You can create a loyalty program for your online store with their industry leading feature set.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Loyal customers spend 5x more than a first time visitor and are 9x more likely to convert. A customer loyalty program puts a focus on creating profitability through lifetime value rather than one time purchases.
Boost Customer Retention
Once a customer has points in your loyalty program, there's a barrier to switch to your competitors. This leads Sweet Tooth programs to see a repeat purchase rate increase of 21%.
Create a Unified Shopping Experience
Powerful customization options allow you to create a loyalty program that fits into the look and feel of your store. A well-integrated loyalty program provides a better experience than one that looks like an afterthought

Integration Benefits

The integration allows you to reward points through Sweet Tooth for leaving a review and capitalize on all the other amazing features from Yotpo. You are able to create a seamless customer experience between the two apps that increases your customer retention in just a few minutes.

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