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Bold develops some of the most popular eCommerce apps available for the Shopify eCommerce platform, designed to help store owners increase their sales.

About LoyaltyLion

About Bold Product Upsell

Bold Product Upsell was the original Shopify “Upsell” app, and still the #1 reviewed and most loved upsell app, ever! It’s the only app that does: Upsells, Cross-sells, Smart upsells, and has the ability to upsell customers after checkout. Bold Product Upsell was designed to help merchants make more money. Get started today!

Bold Product Upsell gives you the ability to offer an upsell product at the point of checkout based on the contents of the customer's shopping cart. You can offer single or multiple products based on what's currently in your customer's cart.
Offer your customer a product that COMPLIMENTS what they're already adding to the cart. It doesn't replace the original item, it gets added along with it.
Smart Upsells
Together working with a free app called the Bold Brain, you can offer upsells using data and machine learning to offer products that are often purchased together.

Integration Benefits

The integration between Yotpo and Bold Product Upsell allows users to see the customer ratings of specific products they are considering upgrading to, right on the pop-up page.

The star rating gives customers a quick glimpse into reviews and builds confidence with the product before they add it to cart

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