Testimonial Advertising

Leverage authentic customer testimonials in your ads to increase ROI.

How testimonial advertising helps you sell more

4x Higher Click-Through Rate

People don't click on ads that interrupt their social browsing. Displaying fellow shoppers' authentic opinions offers customers valuable and relevant content they want to click.

50% Lower Cost Per Click

Using customer testimonials in paid ads increases trust and leads to more relevant and engaged visitors. Ads featuring your customers content get 4x more clicks and cut your acquisition costs in half.

50% Lower Cost Per Acquisition

The traffic that comes from ads with customer reviews is more likely to convert because they trust the product and want to learn more.
“As soon as we switched on Yotpo’s Dynamic Product Ads, our results improved immediately. The ads that featured customer content eclipsed our old ads both in terms of value and efficiency, and generated 70% more sales.”
Eric Polatty
Digital Marketing Manager at Yandy

Want to start building high-converting testimonial advertising campaigns?

What is testimonial advertising?

How do you create effective ads when no one clicks on them anymore? Your customers are key. Using customer testimonials — like reviews and photos — in your ad campaigns helps you get better results.

This is an effective marketing strategy, particularly in a climate where online shoppers are not only tired of hyperbolic brand-speak, but consider it to be untrustworthy. With the wealth of stores and products available online, brands need to use quick and engaging methods to gain the trust potential customers quickly through advertising.

Online shoppers consider testimonial advertising is considered honest, reliable, and unbiased. Instead of hearing from a brand representative or an expert in the field, they are receiving information from someone exactly like them – which makes the content being delivered more digestible and pleasing to your average consumer.

What are the benefits of Testimonial Advertising?

Testimonial advertising is the process of building trust by using authentic, third-party endorsements in ads. Whether a celebrity or micro-influencer, customer or brand fan, you are able to build social proof because people don’t trust you, they trust other people.

Higher ROI on your ads

Ads that feature customer testimonials have a 4% higher click-through rate than ads with brand content. This means that those shoppers who are browsing online are more likely to click on the ad through to your site on what is understood to be the recommendation of people like them. With higher-converting ads comes higher ROI across all channels. Even better, you don’t have to spend time and money coming up with creative messages to capture more leads – your past buyers can do that for you.

More sales using social proof

Social proof is strongest when consumers have high levels of uncertainty. In other words, it is most effective when consumers are at the top of the funnel.

Even when a consumer is relatively sure of a purchasing decision, if close friends chime in their opinions, they are much more likely to be influenced by testimonial advertising as the driving force to get them over the line. We are more likely to believe people who appear similar to us, because we assume they would make a decision like the one we would make.

Cut cost-per-acquisition by half

Brands that use customer testimonials in their advertising strategy see a 50% in CPA, making their ads more cost-effective and proving their ability to attract new customers. Testimonial advertising aims to engage consumers with content that is authentic, fresh, and relevant to them – by incorporating customer opinion into your ad strategy, your are more likely to get them to click on to your site.

How Yotpo Helps You Build Testimonial Advertising Campaigns

Yotpo’s official partnerships with Google and Facebook let you use testimonial advertising to bring high-intent visitors to your site from social. Create engaging and visually appealing ads using your UGC for Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Plus, you can easily create dynamic retargeting ads that show reviews & photos for the exact product a customer viewed on your site.

Google Product Listing Ads

You can display testimonials in Google Product Listing Ads, by displaying your products’ average star rating and number of reviews on your products and site. This helps differentiate your products across Google results and in Google Shopping, while providing critical info to shoppers making purchase decisions.

Yotpo Ads for Facebook & Instagram

You can also channel customer content, photos, star ratings and reviews into quality testimonial advertising that blends right in on social. With social platforms increasingly becoming commerce-focused, brands need to shift their advertising efforts over to these networks to gain more exposure to wider audiences.

Dynamic and Retargeting Ads

Yotpo offers powerful dynamic and retargeting ads that speak directly to the search intent of a customer. Retargeting ads help you show products to that visitor that are related to the types of items they were already browsing on your site, while dynamic ads create an ad that features the exact product that the visitor browsed while onsite. 

Track the ROI of testimonial advertising

Yotpo dashboards make it easy for you to see your results and data for all of your testimonial advertising. Yotpo’s Ads Performance Dashboard lets you see how your Facebook and Instagram ads are performing from within the Yotpo admin. Measure cost-per-click, cost-per-acquisition, reach and more, and then use the results to optimize your ad performance across different channels.

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