Shoppable Instagram

What is Shoppable Instagram?

Shoppable Instagram works like an online Instagram catalogue that makes it easy for customers to browse and then make immediate purchases.

Shoppable Instagram photos and captions link to product pages, directing consumers to the eCommerce page on which they may purchase that item.

Shoppable Instagrams capture consumers at the peak of their interest in buying and convert that interest into sales with the swipe of a customer’s thumb, allowing you to sell through Instagram.

Many tools to create an Instagram online shop come with built-in analytics that  can help you understand which images generate the most sales for your company, when optimal posting times are for sales conversions, and other details that can further drive your Instagram strategy.

Why do you need this?

Millions of users browse Instagram each day, but when they come across an image of an item in an e-retailer’s feed, there’s no easy way for them to purchase that item no matter how interested in buying they may be.

Consumers must see the image, try to discern how to describe it, search for it, and then maybe find the page on which they can purchase the item they want.

This is not only a waste of consumer’s time, but with each step that passes, their buying impulse decreases considerably.

Thus, it is in the best interest of customer and business alike to create an optimized Instagram shop, which connects consumers who see a product they want in their feed with an immediate opportunity to buy it.

Instagram is just the tip of the iceberg – it’s leading the way of shoppable media.

As it stands, the Instagram engagement rate surpasses that of other social platforms, and that’s just one of many Instagram benefits.

But, no doubt, it will soon be necessary to make every visual marketing aspect of your business shoppable, making it easier and faster for customers to act on their desire to buy.

How to implement shoppable Instagram in your website

On the surface, it may seem simple to implement a shoppable Instagram on your website, but there are a few steps to the process. Here are just a few factors you must consider when creating your shoppable Instagram:

  1. Curating compelling photos – the image must entice a viewer to make an impulse buy.
  2. Linking to the right landing page – the photos or captions should lead directly to the page on which a customer can purchased the displayed item, which is complicated if the image features multiple items.
  3. Choosing the perfect link phrasing – the wording in your caption must heighten a customer’s buying impulse to inspire them to click through.
  4. Timing and pacing posts correctly – there is a science to posting at the best times to attract consumer attention, and to the spacing between posts that optimizes customer interest without risking overexposure.
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