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Create highly converting Pinterest pins with UGC

Convert more customers from Pinterest with user-generated content

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Send high-intent traffic to your site by using rich pins to link directly back to products tagged in your photos

Stand out from the pack

Use authentic and engaging customer photos to draw in potential shoppers

Drive traffic to your site

Bring more shoppers to your site by providing an easy pathway using rich pins
“Pinterest tends to be an overlooked social medium, but we have found it to be one of the most important for our social media efforts. It’s a visually stimulating platform that allows pinners to interact, comment, and share. We couldn’t recommend the Push to Pinterest feature by Yotpo more!”
Jay Perkins
Co-Founder and CEO of Kettlebell Kings

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What are Rich Pins?

With over 150 million users, the growth of Pinterest is undeniable. It has become an integral social platform for any eCommerce marketing strategy, with 93 percent of users saying they use Pinterest to purchase new products. “Pinners” utilize Pinterest for following brands instead of celebrities, giving businesses the perfect opportunity to engage with their customers on a more personal level.

Pinterest is an ideal platform for eCommerce companies to promote their brand. With a slew of interesting and engaging features designed to allow browsers to pin their favorite products and group them with ease, companies can now ensure maximum exposure for their items with a high-intent audience that is looking to buy.

Rich pins take high-intent browsing to the next level. They provide shoppers more context on an idea or product when scanning through Pinterest pages, with a button that links directly to the relevant product page back on your site.

There are 4 types of rich pins:

Product pins – Show real-time pricing, availability and where to buy your product

Recipe pins – Include ingredients, cooking time and serving size

Article pins – Displays the headline, author and story description

App pins – Feature an install button so people can download your app without leaving Pinterest

Once the customer clicks on a Rich Pin, a new browser window opens and brings them to the store’s product page for that item. Using rich pins, there is an increased likelihood that a high-intent shopper will find their way onto your site to buy and even browse your website further on the inspiration of the product they love — something they may not have done otherwise.

Why do Rich Pins matter?

Increase onsite conversions

See conversions soar by sending pinners directly to your site using rich pins. The most powerful element of product pins is that they are the perfect way to ensure shoppers that want to buy your product when they seem them on social can directly access them onto your site. Capturing your high-intent shoppers at the right moment is invaluable, and rich pins help you maximize sales by getting them onto your product page as soon as they are ready for purchase.

Create different paths to purchase for social shoppers

Shoppers that follow a traditional purchase path are more of a luxury these days, with most customers spending serious browsing time on social media. Better to catch them there, and create an alternate path to purchase that is more suited to their purchase patterns than hoping they’ll make their way to your site. Rich pins give your shoppers the information they would seek if they were shopping on your very own site, and then provides a path for them to come back to your site, eliminate steps in the customer journey, and just go straight to purchase.

Pinners are inspired by customer content

According to Sprout Social, user-generated content is 35% more memorable and 50% more trustworthy than other types of media creation, which means user-generated content plays an important role in Pinterest strategy. When a customer sees a product pin that features user-generated content and customer reviews, it validates their interest in the product and helps to move them onto purchase.

How can Yotpo help your online store get the most out of Rich Pins?

Create highly converting pins with UGC

UGC is highly attractive to potential customers, so select your favorite customer photos from Instagram or from post-purchase requests and use them on your rich pins. You can also make multiple pins with a selection of product photos from customers, or make a collaborative board that allows your followers to post photos of how they interact with your product, good, or service.

Track your progress

The traffic that you draw from Pinterest links are fully trackable from within the Yotpo conversion dashboard. This means you’ll easily be able to maximize performance by identifying and saving the best performing photos. See how your products perform with Rich pins, and find areas to improve over time.

Omni-channel capabilities

Using our Yotpo Pinterest push feature, you can post customer photos from other channels like Facebook and Twitter on your pins, and reach more customers in more places. By keeping a comprehensive overview of your performance across all social channels, you can see how your customers respond to each type of content and further optimize your social strategy to drive more traffic to your store.

Ease of use

Yotpo automatically populates your Rich Pins with the right product information. Easily curate your customers’ Instagram photos and encourage shoppers to upload photos along with their reviews. Then, you can Pin the best photos to any and all of your business’ Pinterest boards in just two clicks. It’s that easy!

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