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Product RatingsProduct Ratings

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What are product ratings?

Product ratings are the star ratings that customers give to your products. These ratings are important in building your eCommerce brand’s reputation online because they let shoppers know at a glance that you are highly rated and trusted by previous shoppers.

Why do product ratings matter?

Showing product ratings when a customer hovers over an image provides crucial information instantly. They can see how many people purchased and reviewed the product, as well as the overall sentiment of the customers who bought it. By giving the right information at the right time, the product’s rating will either confirm a customer’s interest or highlight an item they may have otherwise overlooked.

88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, which is why maximizing the impact of product ratings is gold for eCommerce sales.

Most often, product ratings are displayed on a brand’s site, but smart businesses are also using them to build social proof across their marketing. Whether showing product ratings in search results through Rich Snippets or Google Product Listing Ads or using them in ads on social, there are a variety of ways to boost the value of product ratings for your brand.

There are key benefits to displaying product ratings with your customer reviews:

1. Increase on-site conversion

More stars really do equal more sales. The data shows that the higher rated the product, the higher the likelihood that a customer will buy. Out of all purchases, those with an average product rating of 5 stars make up 54% of the orders, while products with an average rating of 4 stars make up 40% of orders. This means that 94% of all purchases are made for products with an average rating of 4 stars and above.

2. Capture high-intent shoppers

Many shoppers online know exactly what they want to purchase. They create searches that are specific about the item that they have in mind and, when presented their options on search, need certain information to make their choice about where to purchase from. By displaying product ratings and reviews alongside your search results, you can give shoppers the social proof they need to trust your brand and make a purchase.

3. Showcase social proof at key conversion points

Displaying product ratings across your site can have a huge impact on sales at the exact moment that a shopper needs that extra push to make a purchase. From your homepage to category and product pages, there are tons of places where product ratings can make or break a customer’s decision to stay on site and ultimately buy.

Yotpo’s Best-in-Class Solution For Product Ratings

If you’re looking to incorporate an online customer ratings and reviews solution into your business, the following are just a few of the most popular features that Yotpo offers.

Get More Product Ratings 

Yotpo’s Mail After Purchase (otherwise known as the MAP) helps you get more product ratings and reviews to your site by simplifying the review generation process. Unlike most review requests, instead of sending an email that links people to a landing page, Yotpo’s MAP makes it easy for people to write and submit reviews without ever leaving their inbox!

Yotpo’s MAPs are also mobile-first, which means it’s easy for customers to write a review no matter where they are or what they are doing. With the help of artificial intelligence, each review request for product ratings is optimized by time and email client. This means your requests will be sent at the time your customers are most likely to be active online and will be optimized to the device used to open the email.

Get Ratings For The Right Products

Yotpo’s Targeted Product Review Requests let you get product reviews from customers with the click of a button. With Targeted Review Requests you can send bulk review requests to a CSV file of customers, prompting them to write site or product reviews. With no API integration necessary, you can simply send review requests to your customers on demand.

Get More Valuable Reviews

Not all reviews and ratings are created equal. Shoppers are looking for information that will help them make a purchase decision, which is why longer, more detailed reviews are much more valuable when it comes to increasing conversion and sales. With Yotpo, you can create and send custom review forms to ask specific questions about the product or purchase experience. If you know that sizing is a common issue for shoppers, push reviewers to give more detailed answers about fit so that future shoppers on your site will be able to use that information to inform their purchase decision. 


Product ratings help influence your customers’ buyer behavior by showing them the right information at a pivotal time in their search, so they feel confident enough in your brand to click through to your site and follow through with their purchase.

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