Instagram Online Shop

What is an Instagram Online Shop?

An Instagram online shop, or shoppable Instagram, allows customers to discover and instantly access product pages through Instagram.

This creates a direct pathway from the consumer’s desire for a product to their actual purchasing decision.

Instagram pictures are tagged and linked to online product pages for effortless, one-click shopping.

These photos also appear on online product page galleries as further social proof of your product in action.

Why Should My Brand Have a Shoppable Instagram?

Customers love authentic, user-generated photos!

Not only are products being highlighted by valued customers and brand influencers, they are being given rich context by individuals within the potential customer’s social network.

Real products in real environments in the hands of real people equals real value.

Brands with an effective shoppable Instagram benefit in the following ways:

  • Allows customers to organically discover products on Instagram
  • Drives traffic to product pages from Instagram
  • Builds rewarding relationships with customers, spotlighting their Instagram photos
  • Increases on-site conversions

Still not convinced? Check out these Instagram benefits:

  • 77% of shoppers prefer user-generated photos over professional photos
  • 30% of Instagrammers purchased a product they first saw on Instagram
  • 300 million daily active users, 500 million monthly active users on Instagram
  • Instagram has an average monthly follower growth of 16%
  • The Instagram engagement rate is higher than all social channels.
  • Instagram photos combined with product reviews can improve conversion rates up to 180%.

Show Me How to Start an Instagram Shop

In 4 simple steps, you can set up an Instagram online shop with Yotpo.

1. Collect and curate customer photos

Collect a combination of photos from customers as well as your own, highlighting your product from Instagram. Advanced search functions ensure you get the most relevant content to showcase in your shoppable Instagram and product galleries.

2. Moderate photos using Yotpo’s nifty tools

You can secure rights to user-generated photos, thank these individuals for their contribution and even prioritize the order these images appear in your Instagram feed and product galleries.

3. Tag photos

Since Yotpo is seamlessly integrated with your product feed, this process is a breeze. Instagram photos become shoppable once they’re tagged to products.

Once tagged, products are easily discovered on Instagram or through product galleries. Customers can link directly to product pages from Instagram and complete their purchase.

4. Continue to integrate user-generated photos throughout your site

Making a habit of backing products with authentic, visual social proof is guaranteed to increase customer engagement and drive conversions.

Things to Consider When Creating Your Instagram Shop

  • Include a link to your actual storefront and contact information in your Instagram profile
  • Post quality images that clearly highlight what is being sold in a context that is consistent with your brand’s values
  • Add relevant product details, including sizing/dimensions, material and pricing as well as information on how to purchase products in the description
  • Create a unique, branded hashtag and use it in the description for your images (i.e. a simple mantra aligned to your company values, a tag for a specific product line or promotion, a catchy phrase for your Instagram marketing campaign)
  • Encourage followers to use your branded hashtag when they post their own images featuring your products
  • Use follower photos and other user-generated content from Instagram—don’t forget to give them credit by posting their username in the description
  • Increase follower engagement with varied promotions, sales and campaigns advertised through Instagram
  • Actively respond to buyer questions and comments in a timely fashion
  • Ensure your store inventory is synched and automatically updates with sales from Instagram
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