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What are Instagram Ads

With 800 million active users, statistics show that shoppers are more engaged on Instagram than on any other social network. In fact, Forrester found that customers are 60 times more likely to interact with a brand’s Instagram account than Facebook. And they’re 140 times more likely to interact with a brand’s Instagram post than Twitter post.

Today’s marketing and advertising is moving towards deep-rooted social and visual commerce. 

And Instagram is spearheading the movement of marketing and advertising that is directed toward visual commerce. With the steady rise of Instagram as the top-performing social network, brands’ Instagram engagement rates tend to be higher in comparison to other social platforms for both paid and organic posts. Instagram ads present a massive opportunity for marketers, and are fast becoming a crucial element of every eCommerce growth strategy.

Why use Instagram Ads?

Your customers are on Instagram for one reason: they want to see real photos taken by their friends, peers, and celebrities and with the captions that go with them. For your ads to work there, there are a few things about Instagram marketing to bear in mind:

Instagram is mobile-first

Instagram has the highest percentage of mobile audience out of all social platforms. This is important because the majority of people access social networks from mobile, often browsing through their feeds while they’re on the go.

Because Instagram’s traffic was mainly mobile from the start, the platform natively enables an ad experience that feels natural and seamless to users. Instagram ads have already proven to be positively received by users, making them even more effective because users don’t try to tune them out.

Instagram ads get great results

Paying for Instagram space pays off.

Instagram users are highly engaged, and by paying for posts, you’re increasing the likelihood that you get their attention and gain new, engaged followers. With a study by Instagram showing that 75% of users taking action such as visiting brand sites, searching or telling a friend after being influenced by a post on Instagram. With such strong engagement, advertising on Instagram is an essential in terms of getting the attention of your consumer.

Instagram ads are insanely targeted

Instagram’s advanced targeting builds off of Facebook’s targeting abilities. Facebook has had plenty of practice perfecting the art of targeting, and it brings this knowledge to Instagram.

If you’re going to spend money on ads, you need to know that the ads are going to be seen by the right audiences. You can be assured that by using Instagram ads, your brand will be exposed to the right target niche audience due to the advanced targeting options and demographic data.

Instagram ads are visual

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture taken by your customers is worth a million. Visual marketing is extremely popular in eCommerce today as consumers become increasingly responsive to images – and images from past buyers are incredibly influential when it comes to making purchase decisions.

How to create Instagram Ads with Yotpo

Yotpo Ads for Instagram helps businesses create normal, retargeting and dynamic Instagram ads out of customer reviews and photos.

We work with brands to help them maximize their ROI on Instagram sponsored ads, and in the process, we’ve learned some important best practices for how brands can get the best results from Instagram ads – and beat out their competition.

How to use it:

1. Look for opportunities to communicate your brand story.

On Instagram, every marketing image is a chance to tell a story. It’s important to think about how your ads fit into your overall Instagram ad strategy, because each image needs to be cohesive.

Think about how every detail —  such as lighting, captions, hashtags, and context clues — will influence what your audience will take from your ad images.

2. Blend in, don’t stick out.

The last thing you want is for your instagram ad to stick out as inorganic content.

When users are scrolling through their feed, you want your ad to look just like any other piece of content they would see from their friends or people they follow. If your ad sticks out, then it’s not going to be effective.

Think about the type of content people like on Instagram — it’s often aspirational, well-photographed, and uses very little text on the photo, but rather communicates in the caption and hashtags. Your ad should be like this as well.

3. Look to your organic content for paid inspiration.

Look at what works well for you organically when choosing what to advertise on Instagram.

What type of photos do your customers submit to you? What posts do you publish that get super high engagement on your Instagram?

This content is a good starting point for choosing your paid content.

4. Leverage user-generated content.

Your customers are posting pictures of your products on Instagram every day, why not take advantage of it?

The easiest way to curate photos from Instagram is to create a unique hashtag and encourage your shoppers to use it when posting photos. That way, it will be easy for you to see all of your user-generated Instagram pictures in one place.

When you find photos you like, ask for permission to use them via comment or private message.

Consumers today want to engage with brands that are authentic, engaging, and relatable. Put your best foot forward on social by creating Instagram ads that feature your customer photos and UGC to convert more customers, and build a community around your brand.

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