Customer Reviews

Your customers’ opinions don’t just matter; they sell.
Customer Reviews

How can your business benefit from customer reviews?

Sell more with social proof

Authentic reviews and photos from real shoppers increase customer trust and boost eCommerce conversion rates by 161% on average.

Boost customer trust in your brand

Build a strong brand by using authentic opinions from real shoppers in your marketing activities.

Increase traffic

Customer reviews increase brand & product visibility and help you bring engaged, quality traffic to your site from search & social.

Find out how customer reviews can help boost your brand

What makes customer reviews so effective?

In the world of online shopping today, customers trust other shoppers more than they trust brands.

That’s why the most effective way to increase conversions and bring in new shoppers is to hand the microphone to those who already know and love your products and share their customer reviews with the world.

As consumers seek a more authentic, autonomous way to interact with brands, customer testimonials are key for building trust.

Whether this means submitting a selfie with a brand hashtag for the chance to win a contest, or reading product reviews before making a purchase, customer-created content is taking over marketing.

For brands, the future of marketing relies on learning how to harness customer reviews and other forms of user-generated content to build a strategy focused on customer feedback.

Why do customer reviews matter?

One of the biggest obstacles for online businesses is ensuring customers feel comfortable and confident when shopping on their site. Customers want to get the whole story before making an online purchase, and real feedback from fellow shoppers gives them insight a product description can’t.

Customer reviews provide shoppers with information they want from sources they trust – namely, your past buyers.

Shoppers favor online customer reviews from past buyers over brand product descriptions because they come across as more genuine and often touch upon pain points that influence purchase decisions.

Customer reviews instill trust in shoppers who may be unsure about buying by giving them access to customer insight so they can make a purchase they believe in.

Customer reviews also build social proof around your brand.

Rather than trying to target your audience with the right advertisement for them, customer content naturally uses the right message and targets across a huge variety of social networks.

As customers seek out and spread information that genuinely interests them, they also advertise for brands they love to their extensive online networks.

For example, if you run a campaign asking customers to Tweet a photo of themselves with your product and hashtag it, this will reach people in each of your customers’ circles of influence.

This doesn’t just work with positive reviews. Another way of promoting customer retention is by publishing your negative customer reviews as well.

Putting your good service and brand personality on display by responding to negative reviews improves general public opinion as it demonstrates care and reliability, and helps make your customers feel valued.

By contributing their opinions through customer reviews, shoppers engage in a conversation with your brand and other consumers. Then they have intrinsic motivation to continue the conversation due to altruism and the desire to be involved in a similar community, which strengthens their feelings about your brand as they return to your site over and over again.

Yotpo’s All-in-One Customer Reviews Solution

Yotpo gives you the tools you need to collect customer reviews from your past buyers, and then use this content across your site and marketing activities so you can boost conversion and increase brand trust.

How Yotpo Helps You Get More Customer Reviews

In order to build a strong customer review strategy, you need to get the reviews in the first place!

But customers today are super busy, and you have a small window of opportunity to catch their attention. Our Mail After Purchase (MAP) is designed and optimized to take the complication out of leaving a review. The request is set up within the body of emails sent to your customers, so all they have to do is click open the email and fill out their customer review then and there.

Your customers are using dozens of different devices and email providers — we make sure that your email review requests are optimized to suit each of them. A customer who doesn’t send in a review because they were busy, or a request form was distorted or simply didn’t work on their phone is a missed opportunity.

We also use artificial intelligence to ensure that requests are sent at the right time, in the right way, to all of your customers.

One of the most effective ways to get customer reviews is by offering a reward in exchange. If a shopper knows that writing a review will get them 10% off their next purchase, for example, it will motivate them to give you their feedback. Not only that, but they’re also more likely to make a repeat purchase, and repeat customers spend 3x more on average than one-time shoppers.

Make the most of your incentives by offering rewards both for submitting reviews and photos and for sharing them on social. This way you can collect reviews and use them to build an online brand community as well.

Plus, Yotpo’s review requests are easy to customize, so you can be sure that every customer interaction enhances your brand.

Yotpo is designed to help you get more reviews than any other solution:

Frictionless submission

Yotpo’s frictionless submission process makes it super easy for customers to write reviews, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Smart optimization

From subject line testing to real-time customization, Yotpo ensures you get the most out of your communication with customers at every touch point.

Comprehensive solution

Add coupons to your requests to increase response rate, and send follow-up reminders to ensure that you’ve maximized every opportunity to collect customer feedback.

Collect More User-generated Content Than Customer Reviews

A smart user-generated content strategy isn’t just about customer reviews. Yotpo’s comprehensive, all-in-one solution helps you collect every type of customer content and use it to maximize results for your business’ growth.

Community Q&A

A great way to get customers involved with your brand is with the Community Q&A feature. Beyond the typical customer review, community Q&A connects past shoppers with potential buyers. Using this feature, your visitors can ask questions about any product on your site which will trigger an email to other customers that have purchased that product to respond to their concerns directly. Community Q&A promotes interaction among your fans and new visitors alike, creating a great buzz around your products and, of course, gaining the trust of potential buyers using authentic customer reviews.

On-site widgets

Yotpo’s selection of on-site widgets offers a fully customizable way to feature online customer reviews at any stage along the buyer’s journey. This means, that no matter how your visitors arrive at your site or at which stage of the customer journey they find themselves, you can leverage our on-site widgets to show off the best reviews of your site and products to influence shoppers to keep browsing.

Using widgets such as the Reviews Carousel, Reviews Tab, and badges that show aggregated star ratings, you can make sure you put your best foot forward when it comes to marketing your products through online customer reviews. All on-site displays update in real time, and our moderation settings give you full control over which widget you place at which stage of the buyer journey.

Visual marketing

It is no secret that today’s typical online shopper has become increasingly visual, and motivated by the type of scrolling and browsing experiences they already use on social media. Yotpo’s Visual Marketing Suite gives you full capability for collecting customer photos, and leveraging them to boost sales and brand image.

Yotpo enables you to create visual UGC galleries and exciting photo carousels that feature your customer photos at every stage along the buyer journey. Best of all, easily select, moderate, and optimize your online customer reviews and photos using our visual marketing analytics dashboard.

Collecting and leveraging customer reviews is a great way to build trust in your brand from future buyers, boost conversion, and help more shoppers find their way to your store.

How Yotpo Helps You Get More From Customer Reviews

After you collect all these customer reviews, you need to make the most of them!

Yotpo offers a full solution for not just collecting, but also leveraging this content on your site and in your marketing activities.

With Yotpo, you can:

  • Showcase your awesome customer testimonials across your site with beautiful, customizable display options
  • Index customer review content so you rise in Google search results and get more organic traffic
  • Turn customer reviews into engaging ads on Facebook, Instagram, and more
  • Gain analytics and insights about your customers to improve your business

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