Customer Review Service

What is a customer review service?

Customer review service is a service package that collects and distributes customer reviews.

Some kind of software or plugin is usually included in the service, but the service may also include specific working hours.

Service staff may work on such tasks as cultivating reviews on third-party sites or vetting and responding to negative reviews.

A customer reviews service forges a long-term relationship with a company, so services are paid for on an ongoing basis.

Important questions to ask customer reviews services when choosing a partner

Questions about review generation

  • How do I generate reviews with your software?
  • Customers have an array of preferences regarding how to submit reviews and what to include in them—do you use just one method or a variety?
  • What is the average response rate for post-purchase emails sent with your customer review service?
  • Can I tailor emails depending on the specific customer or sale when I send emails with your customer review service?

Questions about review reach

  • Will my reviews appear on my website?
  • Can I use my reviews on marketing channels off of my website, such as social media and Google?
  • What is your method of integration into brand websites?
  • Do you also help cultivate reviews on Google, Yelp, and other third-party review sites?

Questions about business interface

  • Do you offer a dashboard where I can access controls and analytics regarding my reviews?
  • What is the interface like from the business side?
  • Is the dashboard simple and easy to use?Can I track and manage all aspects of your review service from one place?

Questions about customer interface

  • What is the review interface like from a customer’s perspective?
  • Is the review process simple and fast?
  • Are there any further engagement options to help foster a shopping community around my brand?
  • Do you verify reviewers?

Questions about analytics

  • What kind of analytics do you offer?
  • Do you provide actionable insights based on customer behavior that is personalized for my brand and industry?
  • Does the service provide any support or advisement regarding analytics?

Questions about negative reviews

  • What is your approach to negative reviews?
  • How do you address them?
  • How do you display (or not display) them?
  • There are also a few cautionary items to ask about:

Questions about review ownership

  • What website will show up when people search for reviews about my company on Google?
  • Who owns my reviews?
  • If the contract ends, what happens to the reviews?

Questions about dishonest practices

  • Do you write reviews for your users?
  • Do you encourage fake reviews?
  • What do you do if you find a fake review?
  • Are brands allowed to delete or hide all negative reviews?

Different brands might look for different answers to these questions.

Any professional customer reviews service will willingly provide detailed responses.

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