Customer Review App

What is a customer review app?

A customer review app is a mobile application that allows consumers to publicly publish feedback and reviews about various companies.

These apps usually allow companies to create a business page within the platform where customers can leave reviews, report bugs or difficulties, and ask questions. Customers are sometimes able to create pages for companies that lack one without the business’s authorization.

What are some advantages of customer review apps?

While customer review apps vary greatly, here are some of the strong points they all have in common:

Convenience for customers

One of the main reasons customers refrain from leaving reviews is that it can be a hassle for them.

These apps make it easy to leave feedback because customers can often sign in with existing Facebook or Google accounts.


Because third parties run customer reviews apps rather than the companies themselves, their contents feel impartial and unfiltered.

Thus, reviews on them seem more trustworthy to consumers.

Widgets for websites

Customer review apps often offer widgets for existing brand websites.

The widgets gather and display feedback to customers on category or product pages.

Creative features

To differentiate themselves from one another, customer review apps offer a host of features:

  • The ability for companies to ask unique questions
  • Live-chat
  • Q&A
  • Company responses
  • Review up-voting

and more.


Important things to keep in mind when using a customer reviews app

Location is key

On-site reviews boost site traffic by improving SEO and Google Seller Ratings.

Online businesses lose these benefits if customer reviews only appear off-site.

Brand reputation is somewhat out of a store’s control

Businesses might need to trust a third party with the management of customer comments.

Businesses might sacrifice review ownership

Stores should know going in what will happen to their profile and reviews if their contract with the app ends.

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