Customer Marketing

You’ve probably heard that customer retention is far easier than customer acquisition, and that happy customers attract more customers.

Marketing that capitalizes on these themes – building customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and retention – is called customer marketing.

What is customer marketing?

Customer marketing is targeted at a business’s current customers and aims to provide them with additional products or services related to their previous purchases.

For example, a car dealership may use customer marketing to entice current customers to buy vehicle accessories, insurance policies, or warranties as well, meeting more customer needs and keeping the customer from seeking these items elsewhere.

Customer marketing works best in consumer marketing situations, as opposed to B2B marketing.

This is because customer marketing often relies on a consumer’s personal, individual relationship and experience with a business or brand.

What are the benefits of customer marketing?

Through customer marketing, a business can earn additional revenue from existing clientele, maximizing the profitability of each customer and preventing customers from seeking out competition.

Furthermore, current customers who already trust a business are much more likely to spend additional money at that business than a brand new customer, thus customer marketing can be much more cost-effective than general marketing to attract new clients.

And one more word on this: word-of-mouth marketing. Happy customers tell their friends all about their positive customer experiences, so customer marketing can lead to new client acquisition, as well.

How to implement a customer marketing strategy

There are a variety of ways to implement a customer marketing approach. Here are a few examples:

  • Personalized touches and swag:
    If a business has personal contact with customers, hand written notes and small gifts can go a long way in securing a customer’s faith, loyalty… and next purchase.
  • Enhanced customer experience:
    Is the online shopping experience streamlined? Are sales people experts who can offer detailed advice? Are purchasing platforms customizable? These are just a few factors that can enhance a customer’s experience – and keep them coming back.
  • Similar Items Suggestion:
    Whether online or in person, at check-out, suggest complimentary or supplementary items to what was just purchased.
  • Follow-up e-mails:
    Follow a customer’s purchase with an e-mail offering items in the same category, or a discount on their next purchase of a similar item.
  • Bundle similar items:
    Offer complimentary goods and accessories as bundles to be purchased together, simultaneously raising sales and educating consumer’s about a business’s larger product line.
  • Showcase your customers:
    Think online-dating ads – create marketing materials that highlight the use cases and successes of your best customers.
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