1. Why Should I use Yotpo?
  2. Yotpo is specifically designed to allow your users to take their reviews to the next level by integrating key social features and statistics into your site.
    Yotpo's system enables you to start building your social graph of reviewers while measuring your exact ROI in terms of money and engagement.
    Yotpo's system gives each reviewer an analytical tool, which provides valuable info about the reviewer true reach and influence.
  3. How do you tie the Yotpo system into your site?
  4. YOTPO's web-based review system can be up and running on your site with an easy 5 minute installation.
    Yotpo's system is based on a simple JS line script. If you are hosted at one of our partner sites, just install the tailormade plugin for your website.
  5. How do you know your ROI?
  6. Yotpo's system enables you to measure your exact ROI. How many customers bought your products after reading reviews, what is the users' engagement on your site and tons of social data about your customers.
  7. What makes Yotpo different?
  8. Yotpo is the first ever Social Review System out there. In addition to building your social graph of your customers, Yotpo gives your users an original and innovative experience within your website.
  9. What are reviewer analytic?
  10. After talking to hundreds of top reviewers, we built the best tool for them. Yotpo's first ever reviewer analytics tool enables the user to see their influence on other customers and their reviews' true reach.
  11. What is my site social graph?
  12. Your website social graph is a representation of web-based social connections of your customers and understand a lot more about your community. Learn who are your top customers, what identifies them the most and the different connections between your customers.
  13. How do I know my customer ID?
  14. In your dashboard on the left side of your graphs you will find your customer ID.