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Send the right content to the right people by using UGC and review data to create targeted, high-converting email campaigns.
Email is Your Strongest Channel
Incorporating UGC Into Your Emails: The Content
Segmenting With Customer Data: The Audience
Triggering Campaigns That Convert: The Timing
Our Email Marketing Integrations
Chapter 01
Email is Your Strongest Channel

Harnessing the power of email marketing

The secret is out: if you’re not investing in email, you’re missing out on a major conversion opportunity. Email is the strongest revenue channel for eCommerce stores with the highest ROI: $44 earned for every $1 spent.

“On average, our customers sell one out of every five dollars directly through Klaviyo, and top brands are driving close to half of their sales through email,” says Agata Celmerowski, VP Marketing at Klaviyo.

Why does email work so well? First of all, unlike social media, where you’re at the mercy of a given platform, with email you have total control. This allows you to create a unique, personalized journey for your customer from the start.

In addition, the customer has already told you that they’re interested in your brand by signing up for your emails in the first place. This sets the stage for a one-on-one conversation between you and a receptive customer.

Do it right, and email can become your most effective vehicle for driving retention and advocacy.


The winning formula for email marketing:

To get the full impact of this channel, your email marketing strategy must focus on optimizing three main pillars:

  1. The Content: delivering valuable and personalized content that converts
  2. The Audience: segmenting effectively to target the right customers
  3. The Timing: prioritizing the “when,” to send the email at the perfect moment

In the following chapters, we’ll show you how Yotpo integrates with your email service provider to help you focus on each of these three elements.

Chapter 02
Incorporating UGC Into Your Emails: The Content

Showcase your best and most relevant reviews and star ratings

Let’s start with pillar number one: content. Optimizing your email content is a make or break when it comes to connecting with your shoppers. To send emails that convert, you need to personalize your message, tailoring it to meet the specific needs of a given customer. You can achieve this by putting social proof directly into your emails.

UGC helps influence purchase decisions by empowering and exciting your potential customers — it’s the best endorsement for your brand. The average conversion rate of visitors who see UGC is 161% higher than those who don’t.

With Yotpo’s email marketing integrations, you can easily feature your top reviews and star ratings in your emails with AI-powered automation. You can also sort your reviews by topic and product, so only the most relevant ones appear in your campaigns.


Elizabeth Davis, Founder & CEO of vegan hair care brand Shedavi, auto-publishes product reviews alongside the educational blog posts her company sends out each week. She sorts the reviews by topic to suit the content being shared, selecting phrases like “hair growth” or “hair nutrition” to get the most relevant customer content.

“Yotpo’s email integration for Mailchimp helped us increase our email click-throughs by over 17%,” she said. “We love being able to automatically showcase our best reviews in emails with content that is super relevant to our campaigns and super relatable to customers.”

Best Practices:

By integrating Yotpo with your ESP, you can leverage social proof in:

  • Cart abandonment emails – Automatically populate your emails with reviews and ratings that correspond to shopper browsing behavior. Dynamic social proof is especially impactful in retargeting campaigns, giving past browsers the final bit of confidence they need to purchase.
  • Newsletters – Engage with your community of brand fans by showcasing their feedback.
  • New product release emails – Your customers trust the opinions of fellow customers: encourage them to try your latest offerings by highlighting UGC.
  • Welcome emails – Make a great first impression by adding reviews filtered by trust-building topics like quality and customer service.  
  • Order confirmation emails – Reaffirm purchase decisions through social proof that demonstrates the value of your products.

Chapter 03
Segmenting With Customer Data: The Audience

Create highly targeted campaigns

When it comes to sending emails to your customers, there is no one size fits all. Customers expect to receive personalized emails, with information relevant to their interests and needs. This is why thoughtful and deliberate segmentation is such a game-changer.

“The more refined your segmentation, the greater chance you have of resonating with your customer, building a deeper relationship, and encouraging them to come back,” says Celmerowski (VP Marketing, Klaviyo).

In fact, click-throughs are 100.95% higher in segmented email campaigns than non-segmented campaigns according to a Mailchimp study.
Yotpo integrates with your email marketing platform so that you can use customer data to segment your audience into specific groups for more meaningful email targeting.


Best Practices:

Integrating Yotpo with your ESP allows you to segment by:

  • Collecting customer data – By using Custom Questions in Yotpo Review Request Forms, you can create audience profiles (based on age, size, skin type, etc) for smart segmentation.
  • Getting creative – Target by customer attributes as varied as: curly hair, dry skin, curvy body type, New York-based, over 25 … the list goes on! You can even create a segment of customers who gave you a low quality rating, to try and win them back over.
  • Tailoring your message – If you’re targeting customers with dry skin, make sure you’re offering them the right product, like a deep moisturizer. If you’re segmenting by customers who left a one-star review or by those who left five-star reviews, your content should change to address the specific concerns of your audience.
  • Engaging with your brand ambassadors – Create a segment of your most engaged customers, such as those who left over three reviews, and offer them your newest product or other special VIP benefits. This is a great opportunity to show your biggest fans some love.

Chapter 04
Triggering Campaigns That Convert: The Timing

Send effective emails at the optimal moment

No matter how deliberate your segmentation or relevant your content, the email marketing formula won’t work unless you’re also focusing on timing. It’s important to capture your customers when they are most engaged with your brand. Triggering your emails to send at key points in time can yield incredible results. In fact, automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated emails.

By paying attention to what actions your consumers take, you can make sure you’re sending the right message at the right time, creating unique funnels that capture your customers’ attention when they’re most receptive.

Yotpo integrates with your email marketing solution so that you can trigger automated email flows in response to customer reviews.


Effortlessly on-trend fashion brand Hello Molly has created a highly effective automated email flow.

“The contact sync feature of Yotpo’s integration with Klaviyo has been such a big help. It allows us to engage customers at a moment of high satisfaction after leaving a positive review. We capitalize on this by triggering automated emails thanking them and encouraging them to share our brand with their friends. This is such a great way to round out the post-purchase experience and build re-engagement loops, with the added benefit of nurturing powerful brand advocates.” Guangyong Chuang, Digital Strategy & Growth Lead

Best Practices:

Integrating Yotpo with your ESP lets you trigger emails to send after:

  • Positive reviews – Your customer is feeling the love for your brand — it’s the perfect time to reach out! Send an email thanking them for the great feedback, then offer them a coupon in exchange for a referral.  
  • Negative reviews – Don’t let an unhappy customer remain an unhappy customer. After a bad review, send  a “we’re sorry” email, asking how you can improve, and offering a coupon towards their next purchase.

Chapter 05
Our Email Marketing Integrations

Connecting your email service provider with Yotpo

Yotpo integrates seamlessly with:

Klaviyo – “Brands deserve technology innovations that enhances their ability to build deep relationships, and I’m proud that the new integration for reviews we developed with Yotpo more than delivers on that.” Steve Wietrecki, Chief Revenue Officer, Klaviyo

Bronto – “Collaborating with Yotpo allows our joint customers to leverage the power of Bronto’s sophisticated and easy-to-use commerce marketing automation to enhance and improve the effectiveness of eCommerce email marketing campaigns using engaging and authentic user-generated content.”  George Moser, General Manager, Bronto

Listrak  “There are so many places to shop online, but consumers still want a great customer experience. Yotpo’s integration with Listrak allows you to tell that story through the social proof of your brand advocates, distinguishing your products and service from your competitors.” Jana Richard, Business Systems Analyst, Listrak 

ReMarkety – “We love Yotpo, and worked hard so that marketers can simply start increasing conversions with User Generated Content in every email, with absolutely no effort.” Guy Harel, CEO & Co-Founder, ReMarkety

Mailchimp – “The integration between Yotpo and Mailchimp turns email messages into personalized experiences with the most customer-centric content and data in a marketer’s arsenal: trust-generating reviews and personalization for loyalty program members.” Tomer Tagrin, CEO & Co-Founder, Yotpo 

Explore all our integrations for more details on supported platforms, features, functionality and more.

Chapter 06
  • Email is the strongest revenue channel for eCommerce stores.
  • It’s not enough to just send emails: you have to nail the who, what, and when.
  • Yotpo’s integrations makes it easy to combine your email marketing with UGC. You’ll reach the right customers, at the perfect moment, to deliver relevant and personalized content that converts.
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