How Yotpo helped The Birdsafe Store increase their social media exposure by 25%

The use of Yotpo for our store review system has given us a nice boost in social media exposure. In our business, customers are very social and often share information about products through Facebook and other social media, so Yotpo is an excellent fit for our business. Our customer base tends to be overwhelmingly female in the age ranges that also tend to be the users of Facebook and Twitter.

- Joe Arbogast, Owner of The Birdsafe Store -
Customer Profile - Birdsafe

The Birdsafe Store is an online store that sells a wide range of products for birds. They are a family owned business that was founded in 2001 and are very proud of their high quality service, low rates and the fact that they only sell products they have tested themselves.
The Birdsafe Store operates out of Winchester, Virginia in the United States of America.

  • Market:
  • Industry:
    Pet food and accessories
  • Main Challenges:
    Increased exposure of products to social media and improved engagement
  • Yotpo customer since:
    December 2012


  • Increased exposure to social
    media -

    The Birdsafe Store wanted a reviews solution that would use their reviews to get exposure through their social media accounts.

  • Increased engagement in social communities -

    The Birdsafe Store’s online communities are made up mostly of women which generally are very engaging on social media. They wanted a solution which would increase engagement within their communities.

  • Easy to use -

    The Birdsafe Store wanted a reviews solution that was easy to implement and manage on a day to day basis so they could spend their time on other areas of their business.


The Birdsafe Store chose Yotpo’s social reviews solution to meet their challenges.

  • Yotpo’s Social Push -

    The Birdsafe Store connected their business’s Facebook page and Twitter account to Yotpo so Yotpo could make it easy for them to share their reviews to their social communities.

  • Reviews within social feeds -

    The Birdsafe Store's reviews are displayed within their social accounts with an image related to the product and the review. Fans and followers can see the product and read the review and click on the post or tweet to visit the product page.

  • Yotpo’s 5 minute installation and automated approach -

    Yotpo takes minutes to install and can be set up to automate the entire process of generating reviews and publishing them on a customer’s store. Yotpo’s weekly digest makes it easy for the user to identify good reviews which can then be easily shared to their social accounts.


Since registering with Yotpo, The Birdsafe Store has seen an increase of 25% in the number of referrals to their site from social.

170 reviews have been pushed to The Birdsafe Store’s social accounts.

Yotpo’s reviews are helping The Birdsafe Store get valuable feedback from their customers and is helping to increase engagement.

Yotpo’s free social reviews solution has helped The Birdsafe Store meet all their challenges and has become an integral part of their business.