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Aysel Gunar, Founder and CEO of MantraBand, was never a jewelry person.

Rather, she told us she was simply, “Looking for a way to be more present and mindful in my day-to-day life.”

In 2012, while Aysel was still in business school, she created her first bracelet. Written on it were the words “Live in the Moment.”

Fast forward five years later, and Aysel has created an incredibly successful eCommerce company. “I always wanted to start a business that made a positive change in people’s lives. Everything just came together at the right time for me, and MantraBand was born.”

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In a notoriously crowded eCommerce space, Aysel needed to differentiate herself from the intense competition in the online jewelry industry. “Although bracelets had been done before, inspirational quotes was an entirely new category within the industry. I wanted to know what people thought of the bracelets we were selling and engage with our customers.”



When Aysel signed up with Shopify, Yotpo was one of the first apps that she installed.

“Customer feedback is so important to us. We’ve built the company on customer service and feedback, and Yotpo allows for that open dialogue between brand and consumer.”

Reviews have also built a sense of trust and social proof for the MantraBand brand. “People are so used to reading reviews on sites like Amazon and Ebay, so creating a forum for customers to voice their opinion directly on our website builds trust for our brand.”

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“Yotpo has helped us greatly increase repeat customer rates,” Aysel says. Shoppers that engage with Yotpo on site have 550% higher conversion rates than those that don’t.

“Yotpo has generated MantraBand over 36000 5-star reviews, along with allowing us to send over 33,000 coupons to our loyal customers These types of features have been instrumental in our eCommerce success.”

Aysel has also been very pleased with the customer service and support Yotpo provides her business. “Yotpo has always been responsive with any questions we have. Luckily, it’s one of those apps that we haven’t experienced many issues with. The interface is very intuitive, it’s easy to create campaigns on your own, and if you do need help, support is always there.”


“When someone asks me about apps for their Shopify store, my first answer is Yotpo. It’s such a no brainer, you have to start getting feedback as soon as you hit the ground, and Yotpo is a robust platform that has been improving since the beginning.”

Aysel Gunar, Founder and CEO of MantraBand

Yotpo has helped us greatly increase repeat customer rate.

- Aysel Gunar, Founder and CEO of MantraBand

Reviews are just the beginning

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