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Magnitone was founded in London in September 2013. “Our philosophy,” explained David Randall, Managing Director and Co-founder, “is to design and develop products that help people achieve beautiful skin.” Magnitone sells its products on their website as well as in brick and mortar stores and spas across the UK. The company might still be new to the beauty industry, but they are huge in terms of reach; 100,000 people used a Magnitone product in the last year.


“We didn’t have a challenge,” David said, “but, rather, a positive element we wanted to amplify. Our customers were having experiences that they described as ‘wow’ and ‘game-changing’ to us, and we wanted a way for them to share that sentiment with others.” Magnitone was looking for a way to let their happy customers advocate for them as well as build a community around their brand.



David read about Yotpo on a blog post about the best apps for Shopify, and then started his research. “We had used the built-in Shopify tool for collecting reviews and it just wasn’t working for us. The process of leaving a review was too long for our customers, and then once we got reviews they didn’t live anywhere but on the product pages.”
David was seeking a solution that not only made the review process easy, but also let Magnitone leverage that content all over the web.


When it comes to results, Magnitone saw a significant increase in the numbers of their reviews, as well as an increase in traffic from Yotpo’s Facebook Ads. David also credits the Community Q&A tool “for building a community around our brand.”

But they are most happy with reading the transformation stories from their customers. “When we get to see how our products are making a difference in people’s lives, how we are helping people feel more confident about themselves, it’s truly inspiring.”


“If I had to give one piece of advice to businesses it would be this: pick a single reason for existing and develop your brand around that. Don’t try to be everything to everybody.”

Yotpo has helped us build a community of loyal customers who really love our brand.

- David Randall, Managing Director and Co-founder at Magnitone

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