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K9 Quote

I appreciate that Yotpo works with the smaller businesses. Companies like Yotpo are doing a great job scaling with them and helping them grow. There are a lot of brands starting out like we did or in the same place, and we love what Yotpo’s done.

Daniel "Grub" Bussio
Co-Founder, K9 Sport Sack

The Company

K9 Sport Sack was founded in 2013 by young entrepreneurs Daniel “Grub” Bussio and Joseph Watson. The idea for the company started when Joseph rescued his beloved dog, Daisy, and wanted to bring her along with him for long hours of bike race training. Joseph tried many carriers but none worked well, so he and his wife created their own hand-sewn solution – a pillow case with backpack straps.

Their makeshift dog backpack got lots of attention on the streets, so he decided to start a business around the product and cater to a niche market of active dog lovers. Daniel and Joseph were connected shortly after, and since then have grown their business rapidly by bringing something new to the market and creating a strong customer community around a product that people love.

K9 Company


As a small business, it was crucial for them to gain brand trust and boost shopper confidence in their product.
From the start, we recognized the need for social proof. We downloaded a customer reviews solution from the Shopify app store. But after sending out tons of bags to customers, we realized that we weren’t getting the volume of reviews to match. Reviews are so important, we needed something better.

They searched for a new solution and saw Yotpo on another store’s site. They liked the customizable displays and organization, but found the price high for ‘just another reviews solution.’


“We were hesitant at first about the annual commitment and price, but once we saw the extensive features and backend, we decided to take the dive and invest. Looking back now, it’s incredible what it’s done for our company. Yotpo pays for itself each month, guaranteed.”

Immediately, they started collecting much more customer reviews than before. “There was a big difference in our order to review conversion rate, it doesn’t even compare. In the first month, we doubled the pace of review generation, compared to our previous solution.” With Yotpo, they were now able to track, customize, and test their review requests from the analytics dashboard. Plus, they gained powerful visual content from their customers – photos submitted with the reviews and curated from Instagram posts.

“Yotpo made it so simple for our customers to upload photos with their reviews. Almost 50% of our shoppers who submit a review add a photo. Who isn’t going to add a photo of themselves with their dog? They love it. I think that’s a huge difference.”

K9 Solution


For K9 Sport Sack, more customer content translated into more sales. “Shoppers were able to read reviews and browse through the customer photos in shoppable galleries on our site. I love that I can pull in our customers’ Instagram photos with our hashtag and post those. There was a big uptick in our on-site conversion rates because of all the social proof.”

They compared how their site performed before and after integrating Yotpo and found that their on-site conversion increased by 60%, their average order volume increased by 12% and their average time on site increased by 81%.

Through Yotpo’s partnerships with search and social platforms, K9 Sport Sack was able to leverage user-generated content off site as well. By integrating customer content into their paid and organic campaigns, they saw a surge of high-intent traffic, especially from Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Shopping.

“As far as getting a return on the investment, the best is on Yotpo’s Facebook Ads. Our CTR has increased by 2% and our CPA is insanely low, at $15 less than a regular ad. It costs us pennies to acquire a new customer. Just adding that extra person per hundred saves a lot of money in the long run.”



“Lihi, our CSM, feels like a part of our team – it’s amazing to work with people that really want to help your business. She’s always making sure we get the most value from all of the features. Lihi is super involved in building our strategy and implementing it on site and on social media, helping us increase conversions and reduce our ad spend.”

K9 Quote

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