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Delivery Service in Britain via GQ

The Company

ihateironing was founded in London in 2011 to offer delivery service of dry cleaning and laundry.
Michael O’Connor, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer explained that the main mission was “to make people’s’ lives easier.” The company, which provides delivery dry cleaning and laundry services, has 6 employees and serves tens of thousands of people across London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge and Peterborough.


“Like many online vendors, customer trust is huge for us,” explained Michael. “We needed something that would let us communicate trust to our prospective customers in a way that was easy for them to digest and understand.” It was particularly important for Michael to get past clients to share their experience with ihateironing’s superior customer service.



“I was really familiar with BazaarVoice and, in terms of features, service and value, Yotpo was the clear leader,” said Michael. He also considered some other popular solutions but chose not to go with them because he wanted the SEO-power of having reviews indexed on the ihateironing website.

Implementation & Service

“Implementation was quite easy especially since our Client Success Manager, Itai, was absolutely amazing,” Michael said. “No matter how complex or small our questions were, he was able to get back to us quickly. He was really, really responsive, whether over phone or email. And, although he isn’t a developer himself, he worked really well with our developers.”


ihateironing started strong by leveraging their loyal customers. “We were able to generate a lot of reviews really quickly by sending emails to our legacy clients,” said Michael. “The dashboards are also great. I’m able to easily quantify the results of anything I do with Yotpo.” Michael further explained, “Yotpo has improved our trust signals on site and led to a direct increase in conversions.”


When it comes to collecting content from customers, Michael says, “Don’t think about it, just do it. If you’re offering a great product or service you need to collect reviews. It’s the bread and butter of online marketing.”

It’s the age of the consumer and people trust their peers, not marketing messages

- Michael O’Connor CMO of ihateironing

Reviews are just the beginning

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