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GoPro is one of the most recognizable camera brands in the world. The camera’s look and the crisp, wide-angle pictures and videos it’s famous for are admired by sports enthusiasts, movie makers, and YouTube-watchers alike. GoPro’s eCommerce arm is responsible 6-7% of its online sales.

Jon Haroskiewicz, a senior eCommerce merchandiser at GoPro, told us that in order to tell a good product story, sharing first-hand accounts is essential. “When surfers or skiers share videos of their adventures, others see the videos and want the same experiences,” he said. “Helping customers share their stories is core to our marketing strategy.”

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GoPro’s products aren’t just for action shots. In fact, for the past few years, GoPro has taken steps to build products for all kinds of occasions, like family vacations, city adventures, and childrens’ sports games. Expanding its customer-base for different uses is a key goal for the company.

“We’ve done many focus groups,” Haroskiewicz explained, “and people still think GoPro is exclusively an action sports camera.” GoPro’s challenge was to keep its action-oriented niche, but also start telling the story of the families and friends who love using their GoPros in diverse environments.



GoPro found out about Yotpo in the process of switching eCommerce platforms. Previously, GoPro had been using another well-known reviews platform, but the reviews were coming in at a trickle; it didn’t give a voice to GoPro’s happy customers. “We chose Yotpo because our customers could write reviews right from within the review request email. It meant more content we could collect and share,” Haroskiewicz said. Furthermore, mobile traffic to is nearing 50%, and Yotpo was the most equipped to engage customers on mobile.


Plus, with Yotpo’s easy moderation, “We have the ability to publish only the relevant testimonials that tell a story and add value to shoppers,” Haroskiewicz explained. Just like GoPro curates the best videos to publish online, it saw Yotpo as a way to easily curate the best reviews.

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GoPro has so far collected over 8,000 reviews in its first year with Yotpo. On its popular Hero Sessions camera, there are reviews from a garden enthusiast, a casual snorkeler, and from a horse rider. “I’m shocked at how many reviews people write,” Haroskiewicz exclaimed.


GoPro publishes informative reviews only. Even 5 star reviews that just say “awesome” don’t make the cut. This way, product pages are full of content that people want to read. “It’s like we’ve created a community forum,” Haroskiewicz said. “Shoppers see that others use the cameras for all kinds of reasons, which gives them the confidence and inspiration to do it too.”


“As long as you’re true to your brand, you can create a compelling product story by letting your happy customers do the talking for you. Make your site easy to navigate and in a way that someone wants to spend time on it.
Whether they buy the product on your site or elsewhere, it’s still a win.”

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We want to be as authentic as possible, so we share what our customers have to say.

- Jon Haroskiewicz, Senior eCommerce Merchandiser at GoPro

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