Blenders Eyewear Mixes in Social Proof
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The Company

First-time entrepreneur Chase Fisher founded Blenders Eyewear after recognizing that there was a lack of high-quality, stylish, and inexpensive sunglasses.

As Chase explains, “There were no brands that were affordable enough and fit the San Diego style.” He seized the opportunity and built a direct-to-consumer business, tailor-made for Southern Californians like him. By focusing on a local audience and niche market, Blenders developed a solid brand and soon became popular amongst international retailers.


Like many newcomers to the eCommerce scene, Blenders started out on Shopify. Backed by an Indiegogo campaign, he understood the power of word of mouth, but needed a solution to scale it and cement the brand.

Chase recognized the importance of customer content early on: “I looked to the Amazons of the world as an example, and saw that everything was built on reviews.” He decided to get Yotpo, initially just for customer reviews, star ratings, and commenting. He immediately saw the impact on customer engagement, community and conversions, but he knew that to continue to grow, Blenders needed a solid strategy for using customer content to sell on social.



Working with Sum Digital marketing agency, Blenders decided to try incorporating user-generated content into their Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

With Yotpo, they were able to take their best customer reviews and star ratings, and combine them with product photos into effective ads. They were using FDPAs to retarget visitors with the exact product they had been browsing on site. With social proof, these highly-targeted ads would show hesitant shoppers just the right review of that product and bring them back to the site to checkout.


Within 6 months they saw a 38% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and a 62% higher return on ad spend (ROAS), compared to the standard Facebook DPA campaign they had previously run. Blenders’ ads with review content had a 2x higher CTR, with a 40% decrease in CPC.

“Users respond better to the Yotpo ads with reviews, as demonstrated by higher relevance scores on Facebook”, said Deirdre Kelly from Sum Digital. These DPA’s “visible engagement is stronger and the ‘social proof’ — the likes, comment and shares on the ad — help to further bolster performance and give our ads that viral touch.”


״Build your business on passion and make it FUN. This will allow you to develop a more authentic, real and personal customer experience. Listen to feedback and consistently tweak your process. If something isn’t working, try something else. eCommerce evolves and changes everyday and therefore your business, products and experience should too.”

You need good content and an even better customer experience —
selling online won’t work without it. If you put yourself in the
customers’ shoes, it will help you a lot.

- Chase Fisher, Founder of Blenders Eyewear

Reviews are just the beginning

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