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Belli Skincare was the brainchild of a Physician and Beauty Expert when they were expecting their first child. While expecting, the couple started reading labels, became concerned about the ingredients in skincare products, and got to work at creating a brand moms, particularly expecting and new moms, could trust.

Bethany Fite, VP Sales & Marketing, told us about Belli’s mission. “Belli offers skincare products moms can trust at any life stage including pregnancy and nursing. Belli uses medical research to avoid questionable ingredients for developing or nursing babies. Belli is also allergy tested and free of parabens, gluten, and artificial dyes or fragrances,” Fite explained. Belli is sold at a pea in the pod, Buy Buy Baby,,, and many more. In addition to ingredient safety, Belli is also luxurious and effective. As a result, women at all ages and stages are finding Belli and becoming customers for life.


”Traditionally, beauty products have been purchased at department stores from a beauty consultant or from the community’s Mary Kay or Avon lady. In both of these situations, testing the product and hearing the product’s features and benefits from an expert source are important parts of the sales process,” said Fite.

“Online, this doesn’t exist. As a result, online customer reviews have become the substitute for testing the product yourself and hearing the features and benefits from an ‘expert’. During pregnancy and new motherhood, women look for peer input even more than normal. At Belli, we knew we needed to provide our moms with not only the information they needed to make a purchasing decision but also from a source they could trust, other moms.”


Belli found Yotpo when re-platforming from a custom site to Magento. It previously had a way for customers to upload reviews on-site, but no automated process to collect reviews.

“What stood out about Yotpo was the ability to generate lots of reviews and use them in places like our homepage and Google,” Fite recounted. This way, expecting and new moms can hear from each other throughout the buying journey, from search, to landing on-site, to purchase.


Belli generated 400 reviews in its first 6 months with Yotpo and is using them to give as much information as possible to shoppers.

One important part of Belli’s Yotpo experience is Custom Review Forms, which let merchants ask specific questions in review requests. “In each request, we ask for skin type, life stage and skincare concern. This way, shoppers know whether or not the review speaks directly to them,” Fite said. “When women shop our site, they can hear from others who have been in their situation, and know what they had to say about the products.”


“Content is king; it’s more important than anything else because it helps in so many ways. It gets more shoppers to find your site when they search, and it converts them once they’re on your site. A stream of steady, fresh content is essential for any growing online business. ”

When women shop our site, they can get honest reviews from others who have been in their situation.

- Bethany Fite, VP Sales & Marketing

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