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Beardbrand is the brainchild of Eric Bandholz, who got the idea for the company when attending a beard competition in Portland, Oregon. After meeting so many of his peers who didn’t fit the typical beard-laden lumberjack and hippy stereotypes, Eric decided to start a company that would serve the urban beardsman.
Today Beardbrand sells over $100,000 per month in beard oils, combs, and soaps. More than an eCommerce business, Beardbrand is a lifestyle brand with over 100 regularly-watched videos that teach its community everything from beard grooming techniques to ways to respond to people who don’t like their beards.


“We needed to sell more than a product; we needed to sell a cultural revolution,” Eric explained. “When we started, urban professionals didn’t have beards… they had never heard of beard oil.”

Eric and his company needed a way to let people know about and understand beard products. “We needed people to understand that we weren’t selling nonsense.”



“We saw Yotpo as an instrument to build community and knowledge around beard care. Letting buyers educate each other from our website was just crucial from the get-go.” Reviews have been essential to growing the Beardbrand community, but the real growth came when Eric upgraded to a premium Yotpo account.

“We upgraded to start commenting on reviews, using the Q&A feature, and really just expanding the overall beard care conversation,” Eric said. “We wanted to be at the apex of it.”


“We’re coming up on 10,000 reviews now and we’ve published every single one, even the bad ones. When people see the positive and negative reviews together, they understand that they’re seeing something authentic.”

Beardbrand’s most reviewed product is its Tree Ranger Beard Oil, boasting over 1100 reviews, 960 of which have 5 stars. “Beard oil is so personal that it’s hard to build trust in the product without reviews from others. We couldn’t build that trust without Yotpo’s platform.”


“Beard products are our core competency, but not everything else can be. For example, we outsource our e-commerce platform to Shopify Plus, our fulfillment to the fulfillment company, and our trust to Yotpo.

Do what makes you great, and outsource the rest to companies who are great at what they do.”

Yotpo lets us leverage thousands of voices and explain our products in ways we never would have thought of ourselves.

- Eric Bandholz, Founder & CEO at Beardbrand

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