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Beanilla got started when Rob Conley was given a handful of vanilla beans by a vanilla importer at an entrepreneurs’ conference in 2005. He was instantly hooked by the aroma, texture, and appearance of the beans.

Conley sold the 40 beans he was given and made enough money to buy 500 more. That process continued and now Beanilla is the largest online retailer of premium grade vanilla beans in the world, importing beans from seven different countries. Beanilla’s sister website, Spice Jungle, goes beyond vanilla beans and sells everything from coffee to kitchenware.


“SEO was very important to me and my last reviews solution was limiting. I was generating reviews but it didn’t help my position on Google.” He was looking for a solution with a holistic SEO approach, one that would bump up Beanilla on Google SERPs.

Another concern was resources. “Once we got big I realized that moderating and approving reviews would become a full-time job.” Conley wanted a solution that would eliminate the workload from his staff.



Conley chose Yotpo after surveying his options because “In-line SEO and Rich Snippets seemed like our best bet for getting recognized by Google.” Plus, Yotpo seemed like it would address Conley’s moderation staffing concerns. “Yotpo’s detailed and automated moderation settings make managing reviews easy for us.”

Another important and underrated feature that sold Conley was how Yotpo grouped reviews by product. “When selling Vanilla extract, I can sell it in five different sizes, and positive reviews would be applied to each size.”


As for the Google search results, Conley said that, “Once we started using Yotpo, I got the second result on Google for the search term ‘Vanilla Beans.’ Plus, Rich Snippets meant my click-through-rates went through the roof.”

Another obvious change was in review generation. “I’ve noticed a 20% increase in response rate on review requests from my previous solution. The in-mail review system is key.” The proof is in the pudding, Conley explained, “just search Vanilla Beans in Google and see what shows up.” We did, and Beanilla is right at the top.


“There are so many eCommerce websites that don’t make a dent,” Conley said. “The only way to stand out is to use tools to build your reputation and get your name out there.”
But it’s not easy, Conley went on. “Running an online business is very complicated. But it can be easier and more successful if you dedicate yourself to finding the right solutions.”

Since I started using Yotpo, I rose to the second position in Google search results.

- Rob Conley - Founder & CEO of Beanilla

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