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Adore Me is a leading lingerie brand that sells exclusively online and offers women a fairly-priced designer alternative to typical chains. The company launched in 2012 and has become “the new face of lingerie,” as seen on the Adore Me YouTube channel. In three years, Adore Me has grown from 13 to 70 employees and has become a global eCommerce brand with over 3,000,000 customers.”


“In the beginning, our customers used to call us all the time with questions; trust wasn’t a given,” Chloé Chanudet, VP of Marketing, explained. Since Adore Me started as an unknown company in a 24 billion dollar US lingerie industry packed with established retail giants, gaining a foothold was a challenge.

Furthermore, the agile company needed a way to generate feedback almost instantly so it could be incorporated into the new designs coming out monthly. “We needed a seamless feedback loop in order to produce lingerie that our customers would want to keep coming back for.”



Adore Me was looking for a “more sophisticated review system” and Yotpo came highly recommended by their investors. “Yotpo had a great reputation,” said Chloé, “and in terms of monitoring and overall experience for our customers, it seemed like a great option.”

“We also liked how Yotpo offered various community-building, social tools. Since we have no brick and mortar stores, we thought Yotpo would be a great way to drive customer engagement.


Adore Me’s team no longer gets calls with questions about products. “Now that we’re generating 3,000 reviews per month via Yotpo, our users are getting all their answers straight from their peers via reviews. Adore Me reviews are converting visitors and translating into bottom-line results that we can track and measure in the Yotpo dashboard.”

“Reviews have also become our number one source for feedback. Sometimes we’ll get a lot of positive feedback on a new material, and then we’ll use it in more products,” Chloé said. But other times her team finds out that a bra doesn’t fit as well in a particular size. “Since we do our own manufacturing, this couldn’t be more important.“


“One of the main drivers of Adore Me’s success has been our commitment to hearing our customers,” said Chloé. “We’ve adapted our strategy and made internal changes to improve their experience. It’s important that your team has an honest, direct and regular relationship with shopper reviews.”

“Ultimately, the customer is the captain of your ship so we recommend strengthening that vital
feedback loop.”

With Yotpo’s help, we didn’t just build a loyal following, we were able to get our customers coming back again and again.

- Chloé Chanudet, VP of Marketing at Adore Me

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