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With this powerful and user-friendly dashboard, we’ve managed to unlock the massive value of our customer feedback. Insights gives us clear and accessible data at the speed we need to keep up with our customers’ demands and deliver even better consumer experiences.

Sandra Negrea
Customer Engagement Analyst

The Company

New York-based Adore Me is an online-first brand aiming to disrupt the lingerie market by selling affordable, fast-fashion, inclusive intimates to millennials. Founded in 2012, Adore Me’s explosive growth has earned them spots on the Inc 500 Top 20 fastest-growing retailers in the U.S., Crain’s Fast 50, and IAB 250 Most Important Direct Brands to Watch. Adore Me’s business model, based on providing quality products and a customer-first digital experience, has been critical for their success in building and retaining a loyal customer base.


Adore Me has always valued customer reviews as a primary source of feedback on product performance and consumer experience. Sandra Negrea, Review Manager & Customer Engagement Analyst at Adore Me explains, “We use our reviews to truly listen to what our customers have to say. It was not unusual to manually read through as many as 5,000 reviews each month to extract customer insights — data mining, running different analyses, and sending reports to the relevant internal stakeholders.” Not only was this process becoming too time consuming, it also left critical details of customer feedback topics, trends, and sentiments undiscovered.


As a long-time Yotpo user, Adore Me had been generating tons of customer content, amplifying it across their site and marketing channels. Their consistently high review volumes meant they were in the perfect position to deploy Yotpo’s newest product, Insights.

Using natural language processing and sentiment analysis, Insights has the ability to aggregate key topics and corresponding consumer sentiment scores for thousands of reviews collected each month.

Adore Me can also use Insights to benchmark specific aspects of their products and service against industry sentiment scores. With actionable takeaways from consumer feedback that serve their product, marketing and customer service teams, Adore Me could leverage their first-party data to fuel better business decisions.


“When Insights came along, it literally made my life easier – saving time, automating the whole process, and allowing us to identify not just issues to improve but business opportunities to pursue, all in one place.”

Insights gives Adore Me a clear snapshot of what customers think of their products and brand, analyzing over 61,000 reviews and identifying 452 key topics mentioned by their consumers. It helps them “ensure their dedication to product excellence by pinpointing exact details, such as a faulty front bra clasp on a specific model,” informing them which suppliers to use.

Based on recurring mentions of “husband” in positive customer reviews, Adore Me recognized that husbands have a heavy influence on their shoppers’ purchase decision – valuable information for their marketing and advertising strategies. They also picked up on an increase in topics and specifically positive sentiments around “couples,” leading them to explore a completely new product line specifically for this untapped audience.


“The secret to our growth has always been, and continues to be, intrinsically related to how well we are listening to our customers. It’s important to analyze your consumer feedback efficiently, understand what matters to them most and use this data to inform marketing, product and customer experience initiatives.”

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