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Princess Polly Captures Gen Z’s Attention With VIP Experiences

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Founded in Australia in 2010, Princess Polly is a fashion-forward clothing brand. Their rapid growth and primarily Gen Z customer base prompted the brand's push for a strategic eCommerce platform that could unify the customer journey — and keep up with the fast pace they were moving.


Main Takeaways
With Gen Z as their target audience, Princess Polly knew they’d need to invest heavily in customer retention.
The brand also needed to differentiate between new shoppers and repeat purchasers to boost CTLV.
And, in turn, they wanted to create captivating experiences as unique as their shoppers.

Princess Polly faced a challenge that’s well-known to eCommerce brands: retaining their customers.

As they defined their target audience, they identified their top purchasing demographic as Gen Z — a generation of consumers notoriously challenging to keep. The brand knew they had to find a way to not only attract their customers’ attention but keep it.

Princess Polly jacket

“Gen Z has, on average, a 3-second attention span and are less loyal to brands,” says Kim Zorn, Head of Performance, Princess Polly. “They don’t mind whether they get a red dress from us or a competitor, as long as they get a red dress. Knowing that, we needed a way to increase brand loyalty and give them an awesome customer experience at the same time.”

While Princess Polly had tons of loyal customers who love their brand, they weren’t treating them any differently than first-time buyers. A customer who’d purchased multiple times was receiving the same on-site experience as a shopper who’d purchased once — they knew they needed to get more personalized to empower their loyal customers to feel valued and create the best customer experience.

Kim Zorn headshot

”We had very specific feature requests, and Yotpo had no challenges bringing our ideas to life. The team continues to deliver amazing ongoing support. Our loyalty program is exactly what we had envisioned.”

Princess Polly logo Kim Zorn, Head of Performance


Main Takeaways
The brand launched Princess Polly Rewards, a tiered VIP program that made their website the “it” destination for Gen Z shoppers.
By honing in on experiential rewards, the program resonated with — and converted — their target audience.
Yotpo’s platform synergies between Loyalty & Referrals, SMS, and Reviews helped Princess Polly turn one-time buyers into lifelong shoppers.

Princess Polly reviewed a number of Loyalty & Referrals solutions, but they quickly saw their limitations. “After our initial meeting, we knew Yotpo was the perfect partner for us,” said Zorn. “Their solution offered everything we were looking for.”

Now, Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals has enabled Princess Polly to create thoughtful loyalty experiences throughout the customer journey. They’ve created exciting VIP tiers that offer more than just perks — they also offer experiences, incentivizing their loyal customers to keep coming back for more and work their way up to the top Backstage Pass VIP status.

Princess Polly VIP tiers and experiential benefits

Their VIP benefits, like opportunities to be featured on the brand’s social channels and exclusive access to their Facebook Insider group, enable Princess Polly to grab the attention of their Gen Z audience. “It’s been a dream come true for our customers,” said Zorn. “They get really excited over the exclusivity and we’re able to communicate better with them knowing what they want.”

Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals has provided the flexibility Princess Polly was looking for, and the additional synergies with other solutions within the eCommerce marketing platform, including Reviews and SMS Marketing, have helped them maximize LTV as well. With Yotpo, the brand is rewarding loyalty members for writing reviews and reaching out directly to customers via SMS — creating more personalized experiences at every step.

”It’s so fascinating to see how excited customers are about the program. For many shoppers, it’s a dream to be featured on our Instagram with 2M followers — we’re happy to create that experience for them.”

Princess Polly logo Kim Zorn, Head of Performance


Main Takeaways
After creating strategic VIP tiers, Princess Polly's program participation increased to 74% across the four loyalty tiers, and 95% of redeemers are in the most elite tier.
Loyalty redeemers became their most valuable customers — they have a 66% repeat purchase rate and a higher average order value compared to the average shopper.
Princess Polly’s loyalty program alone drives 15.4X ROI.

Princess Polly’s loyalty & referrals program has brought a new level of engagement from their customers. VIP participation averages 74% across the four loyalty tiers, and 95% of redeemers are in the most elite tier. “People love the loyalty program,” said Zorn. “The engagement is so high.”

Prioritizing customer experience over simple perks has been the key to Princess Polly’s loyalty program success. Loyalty redeemers are their most valuable customers — they have a 66% repeat purchase rate and a higher average order value compared to the average shopper. Princess Polly’s loyalty & referrals program alone drives 15.4X ROI — and counting.


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