Princess Polly | Yotpo Case Studies

Princess Polly & Yotpo Deliver Unified, On-Brand Experiences

  • Industry
    Fashion & Accessories
  • Platform & Agency
    Platform & Agency
    Shopify Plus
  • Challenge
    Finding a platform solution to consolidate their eCommerce needs at a global level
  • Solution
    Leverage Yotpo’s suite of integrated products to create unified customer journeys
  • Results
    15x loyalty ROI, 64x SMS marketing ROI, 498% increase in conversion after interacting with Yotpo reviews widgets
Princess Polly partners with Yotpo to fulfill their global customer journey needs through integrated product synergies.


Founded in a beachside apartment on the Gold Coast of Australia in 2010, Princess Polly, a fashion-forward clothing brand, quickly became a local favorite. By their tenth anniversary, they were a global brand with over 200 employees between two offices in Gold Coast, Australia and Los Angeles, USA. Since becoming a global brand, their growth has skyrocketed, and their primary focus has shifted to scaling internationally beyond their Aussie roots. 

The brand’s rapid growth combined with their need to cater to a niche audience of primarily Gen Z consumers prompted their push for a strategic eCommerce technology that could unify the customer journey—  and keep up with the fast pace they were moving.

Our biggest focus was to consolidate all the programs. Yotpo provides reviews, loyalty and referrals, and SMS marketing, and they all talk to each other. We can send review requests via SMS, we can reward loyalty points for reviews, and overall provide a seamless and engaging experience for customers.
Kim Zorn
Kim Zorn
Head of Performance, Princess Polly
Higher review conversion
from loyalty customers than non-loyalty customers


In an attempt to meet all their eCommerce needs, Princess Polly was working with multiple vendors and solutions, but they were running into a problem: a lack of synergy between products, causing not only internal pain points, but disjointed customer journeys. Their tools were siloed, and the resulting inflexibility and lack of communication was slowing the brand down during a time they needed to differentiate themselves from their competition to support their global growth. 

In order to drive exponential international growth, Princess Polly needed more than multiple partner solutions — they needed a strategic platform that could scale their customer journey with a unified approach.  “Many platforms couldn’t do global,” said Kim Zorn, Head of Performance, Princess Polly. “We’re a global brand, so we needed a global vendor that could deliver in all markets.”

With a solution that could do it all: acquire new customers, retain existing shoppers with increased CLTV, and deliver personalized communications that would empower the most engaging experiences, Princess Polly could be confident that their shoppers would stick around — they wouldn’t even need to consider another fashion brand.

Yotpo helps us to fulfill the circle. Reviews help customers find the right product. After the purchase, our loyalty and referrals program keeps customers in our Princess Polly bubble so we can retain them. Then, with SMS, we can deliver personalized communications to bring them back to purchase again.
Kim Zorn
Kim Zorn
Head of Performance, Princess Polly
Of VIP loyalty members
are also SMS subscribers


Being a global brand means having different needs to focus on in each location. In Australia, Princess Polly is a household name, so their main focus is retention, and in the U.S. they’re expanding, so they’re hyper-focused on acquisition. Their platform solution needed to be able to accommodate both of these needs (and more).

Princess Polly started with Yotpo Reviews and Visual UGC to build brand recognition and increase conversion rates on their new US site. By sending review requests post-purchase, the brand could collect not only feedback on their products, but also influential customer photos and videos to help bolster purchase confidence. 

After seeing the value of this user-generated content, they were ready to take their eCommerce marketing strategy even further. Enter Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals and Yotpo SMS & Email.

With synergies between every Yotpo product, Princess Polly could get more personalized at every step. Now, they could send review requests via SMS, reward loyalty points for reviews, ask 5-star reviewers to make referrals, send loyalty members VIP tier-specific texts, and so much more. “These types of platform synergies that ensure everything is talking to everything are a must,” says Zorn. “They’re so impactful for the customer and user experience.”

Higher ROI
From loyalty customers on SMS campaigns
Always find a way to create a unified customer journey. The only way to do that is through tools that have synergies and work together. If you listen to your customers, make it easy for them, and have tools that talk to one another, then you’ll be able to deliver the most personalized experiences that keep your customers coming back.
Kim Zorn
Head of Performance, Princess Polly