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Yotpo Refines Mixhers’ SMS Strategy for Profitability

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Mixhers, a transformative health and wellness brand, offers hormone-friendly supplements that support every stage of womanhood. By delivering science-backed, convenient, and enjoyable products, Mixhers empowers women to embrace every part of womanhood with compassion, enthusiasm, and consistency.


Main Takeaways
Mixhers received little to no direction from their previous provider on how to connect their SMS program to the rest of their marketing strategy. The lack of guidance hindered Mixhers’ ability to identify gaps in their strategy and left their SMS program isolated.
Mixhers lacked insights into how customers were interacting with the brand across their entire customer journey. As a result, it was challenging for them to deliver the right messages to their customers at the right time.
Their fragmented tech stack led to scattered customer data, which prevented Mixhers from deeply understanding and targeting their customers with personalized offers.

After a few years of getting their SMS program up and running, Mixhers felt ready to level up their strategy. However, their provider lacked any strategic guidance or direction to help them bring their SMS to the next level.

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Mixhers didn’t want to be like the other brands in their space who were batching and blasting to their entire subscriber list. However, with SMS disconnected from Loyalty and Reviews and no strategic guidance, they struggled to plan a cohesive messaging strategy to ensure their messages would resonate with each of their audiences. Mixhers knew in their next provider, they needed someone who understood the holistic view of their company and could help them more effectively engage with their customers at critical points in the shopper journey.

Dallas Parsons

”With our previous provider, we lacked a clear SMS strategy, and SMS felt very disconnected from our other marketing efforts. We knew it was time for a change.”

Mixhers logo Dallas Parsons, Senior Director of Marketing


Main Takeaways
With the help of Yotpo’s strategists, Mixhers built a more holistic SMS strategy that took into account their other marketing efforts.
By connecting their SMS to Reviews & Loyalty, Mixhers can leverage first and zero-party data to identify customer cohorts and deliver the right message at the right time.
With a built-in timeline of their customers’ journeys and flows, Mixhers can uncover missing touch points in their communication strategy and activate flows that target subscribers at critical points.

Mixhers needed both a partner who provided one-on-one guidance and a platform that helped them understand and target their customers. After extending their Yotpo partnership to SMS, Mixhers was paired with a CSM who audited their current program and took the time to get to know the brand and their goals inside and out. “We feel like Yotpo is really about listening. Our account rep has helped us channel all of our ideas and make them easy to execute” says Dallas.

Consolidating SMS with Reviews and Loyalty also enabled Mixhers to identify their customers through shared first-party and zero-party data and better understand their interactions with the brand. “Drilling into our segments and making sure that we're including and excluding the right people at the right time is so key to our SMS success,” says Dallas. Understanding customer behavior patterns made it easier for Mixhers to plan their campaigns strategically to avoid sending subscribers irrelevant and repetitive messages.

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Not only did Mixhers now have all of their customer data in one place, but they could finally understand how to act on that data with recommendations for targeting built right within the platform. Using tools like the Shopper Journey Analysis, Mixhers could identify gaps within the customer journey and target their subscribers more effectively at every touch point. Having a holistic view of areas where they were healthy and where they could improve was helpful in guiding their strategy of creating new flows. “We’ve improved our flows significantly by gaining visibility into where we have gaps in the customer journey. Now, we meet customers exactly where they are, every time” Dallas says.

”Since our CSM understands the holistic view and heartbeat of the company, we can leverage SMS to enhance our other marketing initiatives, like encouraging loyalty redemptions or requesting reviews.”

Mixhers logo Dallas Parsons , Senior Director of Marketing


Main Takeaways
Mixhers has seen massive YoY growth, with SMS driving 21% of online sales in 2023.
Mixhers saw 40x ROI on segmented campaigns, leveraging zero and first-party data- showing the effectiveness of hyper-targeted campaigns.
As a result of excluding unengaged subscribers and delivering personalized messages, Mixhers has seen a 0.84% unsubscribe rate from April 2023-April 2024.

Switching to Yotpo SMS has helped Mixhers engage more effectively with their customers, resulting in lower unsubscribe rates and higher ROI - signaling more customers getting the right message at the right time. Dallas says, “If we are sending the right messages at the right time, that can help feed into our overall churn goal of the company."

Increasing segmentation in campaigns specifically has helped Mixhers avoid wasting marketing dollars by delivering the right messages to each customer cohort and removing unengaged subscribers who are unlikely to convert. “Our segmentation not only keeps our cost lower for SMS spend, but maintains a really healthy unsubscribe rate that keeps our program sustainable.” says Dallas.

The shift in strategy to be more intentional in their messaging has resulted in massive YoY growth from the channel, with SMS driving 21% of the company’s online sales in 2023.

Dallas Parsons

”Delivering the right messages to the right customers is paying off with unsubscribe rates and ROI but it's also been so helpful for our overall company product churn.”

Mixhers logo Dallas Parsons, Senior Director of Marketing

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