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95% YoY growth in CLTV for Aussie athleisure brand powering ahead with loyalty-led retention

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Australian brand Crop Shop Boutique is on a mission to provide women globally with unique, comfortable, and confidence-inducing athleisure. The brand came to life in 2019 when founder Rachel Dillion recognised the need for something more elevated and stylish in the activewear market. CSB prides itself on its obsession with quality, fit and functionality, and every collection is designed to help the CSB girl feel, train, and look her best.


Main Takeaways
A clunky UX made it hard for CSB Rewards members to navigate the program and find and redeem rewards, especially on mobile where 80% of CSB's customers shop.
Analytics limitations with their previous loyalty solution meant CSB weren't able to measure the value of their rewards program easily or rely on the data to inform and improve their loyalty-led retention strategy.
Gaining insight into engagement levels of members in different tiers, their purchase frequency and CLTV required spending hours buried in spreadsheets.
Lack of strategic input from their previous provider and radio silence on support requests.

Crop Shop Boutique (CSB) is on a mission to become a global leader in women’s athleisure. The homegrown label aims to do this by building an informed and engaged community and rewarding loyal shoppers with exclusive benefits and rewards. However, finding success with their loyalty-led strategy was not easy with the tech providers they were previously using.

Poor analytics in their loyalty platform meant that CSB wasn’t able to easily measure the value of their rewards program or use the insights to inform and improve their loyalty-led retention strategy.

In addition, the clunky interface of the program made it difficult for members to find and redeem points, especially on mobile. This was severely impacting program participation and engagement as over 80% of the CSB community shop on their phones.

The brand also faced similar challenges with their onsite reviews solution, further compounding the customer experience problem for the fashion brand that is all about giving customers a 5-star experience.

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CSB’s biggest priority was overhauling their loyalty program to build a stronger connection with, and give back to, the CSB community – particularly their most engaged and loyal shoppers. However, they failed to get any strategic input on this from their then provider and their support requests were met with radio silence.

When CSB started looking into the loyalty programs of brands they were inspired by, they found that all of them were powered by Yotpo.

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”We were looking for a loyalty solution but when we found out Yotpo also had a Reviews & UGC platform with better analytics and onsite experience as well as a pay as you go SMS model, we were sold. ”

CSB Logo Georgia Cawley, CRM and Loyalty Manager


Main Takeaways
Using platform analytics to make smarter decisions about better engaging customers, saving the team time and resources.
Improving the onsite reviews experience to let customers find in-depth details on the fit, quality and support of various styles
Ability to send out dynamic SMS campaigns that automatically pull in loyalty information for each customer including tier details, points, and any redeemable rewards that apply.
Reducing friction for CSB Rewards members and making it easy to find, earn and redeem loyalty points in order to improve engagement with the program and retention as a result.
Working with a team that keeps communication lines open and offers ongoing support unlike before.

With these priorities front of mind, CSB began their Yotpo journey. Yotpo’s native landing page and points-at-checkout stood out for the team at first. However, connecting Yotpo Loyalty with Reviews and SMS has helped the much loved Aussie brand get closer to meeting its goal of building a highly engaged community of loyal shoppers.

CSB now sends out dynamic SMS campaigns that automatically pull in loyalty information for each customer including tier details, points or any redeemable rewards that apply. According to CSB, including these details in campaigns lifts in-platform ROI by 50-100x.

Being able to send review requests through SMS as well as email has been equally impactful for CSB which has successfully increased its order-to-review ratio by 110%. “Reviews are especially important because over 50% of site visitors engage with the review widget before making a purchase” explains Georgia.

But it’s spoiling the CSB community and crafting exclusive experiences for loyal customers with their new and much more strategic rewards program that excites the brand the most. Yotpo Loyalty now provides CSB insights into the purchase frequency of members in different levels, how engaged they are, their CLTV and more. It also allows them to see exactly how much revenue their loyalty program members bring in versus non-members. “Loyalty is at the core of our retention strategy. By surfacing the data required to back the program, we’ve gained buy-in from all teams within CSB to work collaboratively and bring exclusive products, offers, and added value to our members” says Georgia.

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For instance, the entire first day of their 2023 Black Friday sale was exclusive to CSB Rewards members. They also dropped an exclusive collection of two past best-selling tones, which only members could unlock for the entire BFCM sale period. Georgia says that continuing to build out such exclusive experiences for members is a key focus for the brand and with Yotpo powering their loyalty program, planning for FY25 is well underway.

The data and analytics that Crop Shop Boutique now has access to with the Yotpo suite is a significant step up compared to their previous solution. Not only do customers get the right information at the right time, increasing engagement, it’s also helping the CSB team save time and resources, and feel confident in the decisions they make.

Meanwhile, the ongoing support and open communication by the Yotpo CSM team has been a major positive for Crop Shop Boutique who lacked this with their previous provider.


Main Takeaways
The brand credits Yotpo for improving both acquisition and retention and reports an impressive 95% YoY growth in CLTV.
New loyalty member sign-ups continue upward trajectory after shooting up by 90% YoY between FY23 to FY24 with loyalty members bringing in significantly higher average added revenue compared to non-redeemers.
With the loyalty participation rate for the APAC region holding steady at 19.5% in the 12-month period between June 2023 and 2024, CSB's loyalty program is crushing industry benchmarks.
Better visibility over data, advanced flow capabilities and segmentation have all played a role in helping CSB bring down its channel CAC for SMS by 50% and significantly reducing retention costs too.

Using Yotpo Loyalty, SMS, and Reviews together has enabled Crop Shop Boutique to improve both acquisition and retention with the brand reporting an impressive 95% YoY growth in customer lifetime value (CLTV).

More engaged customers with better customer experience: With Yotpo Loyalty it’s easier for CSB Rewards members to find, earn, and redeem loyalty points, improving engagement with the program – and retention – as a result. New loyalty member sign-ups have continued increasing with 90% YoY growth in members from FY23 to FY24.

Yotpo has also brought about a significant improvement to their onsite reviews. Being able to sort reviews by parameters like ‘fit’, ‘quality’ and ‘support’ and browse popular topics allows customers to have a more personalised shopping experience.

Driving ROI by focusing on connection and rewards: In the 12-month period between June 2023 and 2024, CSB saw an average loyalty program participation rate of 19.5% for the APAC region. This is massive when you consider that CSB’s numbers are nearly 4x the participation rate benchmark of 5%. Globally, their participation rate for the same period sits at 15% which is 3x the industry benchmark.

The repeat purchase rate among Crop Shop Boutique’s loyalty program members is 70% higher than non-members and the average number of purchases made by this cohort is significantly higher than non-members. As a result, CSB is seeing a massive 14.2x ROI from their Loyalty program in the APAC region and 15x ROI globally.

Halving channel CAC and increasing control over SMS spending: Yotpo SMS has been a big win for the brand. Better visibility over data, advanced flow capabilities and segmentation are huge positives. Meanwhile, the pay as you go model allows Crop Shop Boutique to allocate a monthly SMS budget giving the brand greater control over forecasting and spend. "Since switching to Yotpo, we’ve managed to reduce CAC from our SMS channel by half. And because over 80% of SMS orders come in from existing customers, this means our retention costs have come down significantly" Georgia explains.

So what’s next for Crop Shop Boutique? With Yotpo helping to drive higher purchase frequency, AOV and CLTV across the board, the rapidly growing activewear brand is able to focus on the bigger goal – continue growing their loyalty program and nurture members with better exclusives and rewards.


”Yotpo has changed how we educate and connect with our customers. More importantly, it’s given us the ability to show our most loyal members that extra bit of love that they so fully deserve.”

CSB logo Georgia Cawley, CRM and Loyalty Manager

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