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Marketing Growth Manager

Marketing Tel-Aviv

If you shop online (and who doesn’t these days?), then chances are you’ve already interacted with Yotpo. We’re a leading eCommerce retention marketing platform, on a mission to help brands of all sizes turn one-time shoppers into customers for life. Loyalty programs, SMS and email marketing, subscriptions, and reviews are our bread and butter, but we have more solutions up our sleeve, too.

We have teams across the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Israel, Bulgaria, and Australia — and we’re still growing. Our primary goal is to deliver the best technology in the industry.

You can hear all about it in our latest brand video.

Sounds exciting? Then read on, because we’re in pursuit of the best and the brightest minds to help us achieve our vision.

Yotpo seeks a Marketing Growth Manager to join our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) team, focusing on converting web interactions into qualified demo requests (MQLs) through advanced digital experiences powered by data.

In this role, reporting to the CRO team lead, you’ll plan, execute, and measure growth initiatives end-to-end. You’ll look at data to seek growth opportunities and come up with initiatives like customized landing pages, email nurtures, A/B tests, and more.
You’ll collaborate frequently with technical and business units like MOPs, BI, Content, and Design to define and bring the best web-based experiences to life.



  • Enhance Yotpo’s website-based funnels to boost Lead>MQL conversion rates
  • Identify growth opportunities using data collaborating with MOPs & BI
  • Create custom landing pages for Search, Display, and Email campaigns
  • Develop tailored web experiences including customized chatbots & dynamic content
  • Create creative lead-gen flows to increase our marketable database
  • Implement automated email nurture flows to push inbound leads down to MQL
  • Make the most of our Marketing Tech such as Tag Manager, Amplitude, HubSpot, etc.
  • Optimize other web assets like Shopify App Listings to increase self-service installs



  • 2+ years of experience in growth marketing, product marketing, lifecycle marketing, or similar roles in SaaS companies
  • Proficient with marketing tech stacks (Amplitude, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Zapier, HubSpot)
  • Data-driven & analytical thinker. Lives and breathes web- and email CVRs
  • Great knack for performance-first content, – short, personal, & impactful
  • Strong organization skills and great attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to harness others
  • Big plus – familiar with with paid acquisition