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Yotpo Ads Release: Dramatically Increase ROI from Facebook Ads with Dynamic Ads
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The first Dynamic Ads for Yotpo Ads users have chopped cost-per-click into a third of what they were paying before.

It’s for Powerhouse and Enterprise users. Here’s how it works:


The Opportunity

Dynamic ads for Facebook have completely changed the paid advertising landscape. They let you retarget consumers with paid ads that are specific to the products they were browsing on your site. It’s retargeting to the next level.

The Problem

If you’re already using dynamic ads, you know that they have some severe limitations. It’s an enormous challenge to generate content for each product’s ad, and it takes a ton of time to set up via Facebook.

The Solution

Enter Dynamic Ads by Yotpo Ads for Facebook. Our integration automatically shows users 5 star reviews as the content within dynamic ads for each unique product.

It’s the perfect content at the perfect time. If someone is on the fence about buying your product, they’ll see an awesome review about that product, not just a generic product description.   Not only that, but Dynamic Ads by Yotpo Ads can be set up in just two clicks from within your Yotpo Admin. No need to log into Facebook.

The first Dynamic Ads users have chopped cost-per-acquisition into a third of what they were paying before.  

How to do it

Go into your Yotpo Admin and click “Ads” at the top. Click “create a dynamic ad” and it’s simple from there.

You can choose a title for your ads and whether you want to show one or multiple products. Set your budget, and that’s it. Now you’ll have 5 star ads with 5 star reviews.

If you need help, reach out to  

If you’re not on our Powerhouse or Enterprise plans but want to upgrade or sign up for either to use Dynamic Ads, leave your info below and we’ll get in touch:

Doug Baltman
Doug Baltman, Product Marketing @ Yotpo
When Doug's out of the office, he's riding around Tel Aviv on his bike, looking for anything out of the ordinary.
  • stevethebartender

    Just been reading all these awesome features that Yotpo has now (helpdesk integration, dynamic ads, stars for product listing ads, etc.) – all of which require a Powerhouse or Enterprise plan (from $499/month!).
    What about the little guys? 🙁
    What about the small stores that might only turn over $500 a month?
    I’d love all these features and would be happy to pay for it, shame you don’t have scaled pricing dependent on turnover/traffic/number of reviews or similar…

    • Doug Baltman

      Hi Steve, glad to hear that you’re using Yotpo!

      I definitely appreciate that our premium packages require some investment. But, I think you’ll find some awesome features on our starter package… They’re super affordable and you can generate and display a ton of reviews in effective ways!

      • stevethebartender

        Cheers for the amazingly super fast response. I still love Yotpo just frustrating that we are priced-out for so many cool features.

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