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October 25th, 2020

From decreasing abandoned carts to increasing CTR, discover seven critical ways in which Yotpo can help boost your company’s ROI.

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1. Increase Time on Site

In 2017, iconic British pottery brand Emma Bridgewater undertook a massive digital transformation with the help of eCommerce agency We Make Websites. The brand has a highly engaged fanbase, and they needed a way to showcase their shoppers’ passion onsite.

To accomplish this, they used Yotpo to collect and display influential customer content at key moments in the buyer journey, like on product pages. To date, Emma Bridgewater has collected over 30,000 reviews and more than 2,000 user-generated photos, and seen a 75% increase in average time on site.

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2. Reduce Abandoned Carts

When accessible supplement brand Alkaline Herb Shop was looking for a more meaningful way to connect with customers, they knew it was time to take a chance on SMS. In less than six months with Yotpo SMS & Email, Alkaline Herb Shop has been able to recover over 33% of abandoned carts using SMS Cart Abandonment flows, and has seen an overall 160x ROI from SMS alone.

I was skeptical about SMS, but if you’re on the fence, I recommend going for it. Your customers are waiting for you to engage them, don’t waste your time not meeting them where they already are,” raves Suhail Rivera, Founder of Alkaline Herb Shop.

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3. Increase Review Generation

Outdoor apparel brand Helly Hansen turned to eCommerce agency Vaimo when they needed to replatform and unify their brand experience across sites. Vaimo suggested that Helly Hansen use Yotpo to help weave social proof throughout the customer journey. Not only did displaying consumer content onsite help lead to a 45% increase in year-over-year online revenue, but with Yotpo’s industry-leading Mail After Purchase emails, Helly Hansen’s order-to-review conversion rate leapt to 11%, with a 24% increase in reviews-per-product. 

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4. Increase Conversion Rate

Organic skincare brand Green People — looking to make the experience of engaging with customer content easier and more helpful for shoppers — was “captivated by Yotpo’s unique offering.” To ensure that the content they collected would be as helpful to shoppers as possible, Green People added Custom Questions to their Mail After Purchase emails, enabling them to collect information like age and skin type. They also added Smart Filters to product pages, empowering shoppers to search for the reviews most relevant to their specific concerns.

The results? In addition to collecting over 22,000 reviews, Green People saw a 64% increase in conversion following widget engagement.

“People with dry hair are now able to confidently buy the shampoo aimed at their needs, and that’s all because of informative reviews, Q&A, and photos, which we are able to collect and then intelligently display on our product pages,” says Charlotte Vohtz, Founder.

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5. Increase LTV

Customizable footwear brand PLAE needed a way to drive lifetime value in an industry where customers typically make infrequent purchases. The loyalty solution the brand was using at the time was limited to an on-site pop-up window, interrupting the buyer journey and resulting in low engagement. By switching to Yotpo, PLAE was able to create a tailored program that weaves loyalty throughout the site, with pages that display point balance and incentives while shoppers browse. PLAE’s loyalty program also enables them to send customers personalized loyalty status emails, showcase discount redemption options at checkout, and award credit for referrals.

As a result, PLAE loyalty program members are 2.7x more likely to make multiple purchases than non-program members, and they have 26% higher annual LTV.

“It’s essential to make redeeming points and earning rewards as as easy as possible for customers. Yotpo is exactly what we were looking for,” says PLAE eCommerce Director Blake Norman.

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6. Reduce CPA

Innovative steel manufacturing and home decor brand Redline Steel wanted to harness the power of their passionate customer community. By implementing Yotpo, the brand enabled engaged fans to leave reviews, which were then displayed at crucial stops along the buyer journey — like within Google Shopping. Now, not only has Redline Steel collected over 245,000 customer reviews and 18,300 photos, but they’ve seen a 60% decrease in CPA by leveraging UGC in Google Shopping ads in search results.


“Within a year, we saw the immense value of user-generated content. It’s something that really sets Yotpo apart,” says Colin Wayne, CEO of Redline Steel.

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7. Increase Return on Ad Spend

Affordable eyewear brand Blenders made a splash with an Indiegogo campaign, but needed a solution to scale that buzz and use it to cement the brand. With Yotpo, Blenders was able to collect and incorporate UGC into their Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. Within six months, Blenders saw a 62% higher return on ad spend. Furthermore, ads with review content had a 2x higher CTR, with a 40% decrease in CPC.

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