Best superbowl commercials using user-generated content
February 06, 2017 | Shares:

Monday Morning Quarterback: UGC Inspired Super Bowl Commercials

It’s Monday morning, and the hangover is starting to sink in.

As most of us are still in disbelief over the result of last night’s game, we would be remiss to forget about our favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday, the commercials.

The big game saw a wave of user-generated inspired content, no doubt influenced by the decade-long successful Doritos marketing campaign.

We take a look at a few of our favorite commercials that stood out by leveraging UGC on the world’s biggest stage.

Super Bowl Commercial 1: Intel

Intel is looking pretty good this morning teaming up with the comeback quarterback of last night, Tom Brady.

For their 30-second spot, Intel encouraged fans to upload frames of Tom going about a regular day to social media using the companies brand-new 360 technology.

Getting the word out to fans before Super Bowl Sunday allowed for Intel to show off their cool new feature with user-generated content before, during, and after the big game.

Super Bowl Commercial 2: T-Mobile

The Justin Bieber comeback is officially complete. T-Mobile and Justin got together for a Super Bowl ad that showed off the history of touchdown celebrations in the NFL.

They encouraged fans to upload their best celebration dance to social media, with Justin Bieber himself sharing his favorite submissions.

Super Bowl Commercial 3: Hyundai

Maybe our favorite Super Bowl commercial of 2017, Hyundai used the best user-generated content of all, US troops.

Airing immediately after the game, Hyundai shot a live commercial during game night itself at a military base in Zagan, Poland.

They built a replica football stadium on base, where soldiers were able to sit in a pod with their families live streamed in to watch with them.

An incredibly touching moment, Hyundai’s UGC strategy was both inspiring and effective.

Super Bowl Commercial 4: H-E-B

H-E-B, a Texas grocery store, ran an awesome UGC Super Bowl commercial on a statewide level.

The 60-second spot encouraged Texans to submit unique videos alongside their favorite store products for a chance at 25,000 dollars.

Much like T-Mobile, getting people involved in creating content is a way for your commercial to have a positive effect on your business long passed game day.


After last night’s historic game, most people will be talking about the epic comeback staged by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

As Super Bowl viewers, we’re deeply connected to the game and the teams we support.

Marketing is becoming more and more powered by people like us, giving everyone a chance to feel even more a part of the games.

Seeing big companies like Intel and T-Mobile enroll fans in their Super Bowl Commercial strategy gives viewers that extra incentive to create a connection between viewer and brand.

What were some of your favorite commercials from last night? Let us know in the comment box below!

Corey Bloom
Corey Bloom, Content Marketing Manager at Yotpo
Corey is a Toronto native living in Tel Aviv. You can find him looking for the best place to eat wherever wanderlust takes him next.
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