Old MAP and New MAP
March 10, 2014 | Shares:

The Evolution of the Mail After Purchase

Yotpo started as a company dedicated to eliminating fake reviews, and through the hard work of very talented people, we created a solution that not only created credible reviews but tons of them. Yotpo’s secret blend of herbs and spices is it’s amazing Mail After Purchase. Because of this email, we are able to convert 6-8% of your shoppers into reviewers (the industry average hovers around 1%).

But Rome was not built in a day; The MAP email has evolved alot since its first version in 2012.

I’ve dug deep into the Yotpo archives to pull out some of the old versions of the MAP and I sat down with our CEO, Tomer and CTO, Omri to take a walk down memory lane.

The original Mail After Purchase did not even include our review form. It was text-heavy and shoppers had to click on a link which took them to the product page. It had a conversion rate that matched the industry average at around 1%.

The original MAP

We soon figured out that letting shoppers write a review in the email could almost triple this rate. We included a drop-down which let shoppers choose which product they wanted to review (in a transaction with multiple purchases). With this email, we got reviews from about 3-4% of shoppers

MAP with 3-4% Conversion

Then we added stars! We found shoppers felt more comfortable writing a review when they could give it a rating of 1-5 stars. This way, we got another 1% of people to leave reviews, increasing our conversion rate to 5%.

MAP with 5% conversion

Eventually, through a series of tweaks and tests we ended up with our mega-successful version which got us our current rate of 6-8% reviewers (which you see below on the left).  Which we have updated (on the right) with hopes of getting that rate even higher.

 Old MAP and New MAP


So you could ask “Why change it if it already works so well? You’ve already achieved 8x the industry average! You guys are crazy!” To which we say: Yeah, we are crazy! Why would we stop at 8% when we can get 15%! We want all of your shoppers to leave valuable, trustworthy reviews–and until that happens you can count on us to keep tweaking, changing and updating to make Yotpo the best it can possibly be.

Have you noticed any changes since we implemented the new MAP? Let us know in the comments or email me at talia@yotpo.com.



Talia Shani
Talia Shani, Head of UK Marketing @ Yotpo
In Talia's past life she was a cook, but now she prefers to focus on eating. Right now, she's probably thinking about what she'll eat next or taking a long walk around Tel Aviv.
  • beth

    Does this feature work in all email clients? e.g. gmail/outlook/yahoo

    • Hi Beth,

      Thanks for your question!

      This feature works on all webmail and mobile clients, but not on desktop clients like Outlook.

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